Elligible Students
Working in partnership with New York City parochial, public, and private elementary schools, REACH accepts nominations for students who meet these criteria:
  • Student is a 5th grade boy;
  • Student is Catholic;
  • Student possesses good to superior academic and leadership potential (based on 4th & 5th grade report cards and motivation to achieve);
  • Student scores in the 75th percentile or above on standardized tests (for public school students, a 4 or higher 3 on New York State English and Math Exams);
  • Student’s family demonstrates significant financial need (with respect to their ability to pay a Catholic high school tuition).

Nomination Process
Each year, in early November, REACH sends a nomination packet to every Catholic and public school in the city serving 5th grade boys as well as to every Catholic parish in the city. More than 1,400 nomination packets are mailed annually. The following persons may nominate students:
  • 5th grade teacher / tutor
  • Guidance counselor
  • Principal
  • Pastor
  • Director of religious education.

Admissions Process
The admission process involves three steps:
  • All nominations must be submitted by January 31st. All nominated students receive an application from REACH.
  • On Saturday, March 9th, all applicants report to Regis to hand in their applications and sit for the REACH Basic Skills Exam.
  • Selected applicants will be invited to Regis for an interview on Saturday, May 4th.
All applicants are notified of final admission decisions by the end of May. Students who are admitted to REACH enter the first summer as candidates. Upon the successful completion of the summer session, candidates are invited to join REACH as members. Admission to REACH does not guarantee admission to Regis High School in the 9th grade.

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