How the Program Works

Every year, REACH works in partnership with parochial, traditional public and public charter schools, as well as parishes from the New York City metropolitan area. REACH accepts nominations from these institutions on behalf of young men currently in the 5th grade who display early signs of academic and leadership potential. After they apply in the 5th grade, admitted students begin their REACH journey in the summer before 6th grade.

Nomination in the 5th grade

Eligible students receive a REACH application after getting nominated by their school or parish. The deadline to nominate a student to REACH is January 31st.

REACH Information Sessions

During the month of February, REACH nominees are invited to attend a REACH Info Session where they'll learn more about the program and how the admissions process works. This is also a chance to meet current REACH families, as well as the REACH staff!

REACH Application is due.
REACH Basic Skills Exam

If interested in applying, families must submit their REACH application no later than March 15th and sign up for the REACH Basic Skills Exam at Regis High School. Schools must submit their portion of the REACH application to the REACH Admissions office by March 15th.

REACH Interview

After the first round of application review, select students are invited for a family interview in May.

Acceptance as REACH Candidates!

After the Interview round, 54 students will be awarded the REACH scholarship and admitted as Candidates for the REACH Summer Program. Families will get this news by the end of May.

REACH Summer Orientation

The REACH Candidates and their families are invited to Fordham Prep and Fordham University in the Bronx for a formal orientation session about the 6-week summer session. This typically takes place on the first Sunday in June.

REACH @ Fordham

REACH Candidates spend the first 3 weeks of the summer session in a fully residential program at Fordham University. More information will be provided throughout the application process and at Candidate Orientation Day. While the Candidates are at Fordham, the older students are at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. These 3 weeks take place in July.

REACH @ Regis

All REACH students and staff reunite at Regis High School for the next 3 weeks of the summer session. These 3 weeks take place in August. Programming takes place Mon - Fri, from 9 am - 5 pm. The 6-week summer session concludes with a Summer Celebration Ceremony in late August. For Candidates, successful completion of the 6-week summer session earns them full REACH membership!.

REACH @ Regis Continues!

All REACH students continue programming during the regular academic school year (September - May) with REACH Saturdays. Saturday sessions take place from 9 am - 2:30 pm.

With three plus years to work with, REACH's value-added model is set out to cultivate the potential demonstrated in the elementary school years. It is important to note that REACH is not a school; rather, it is a supplementary program designed to work around the student's normal middle school schedule. Our programming takes place on Saturdays throughout the school year and during the summer every year until high school begins. Our Graduate Support Program ensure that REACH students receive additional support to and through college, as well as professional networking opportunities.