Elligible Students
Working in partnership with New York City parochial, public, and private elementary schools, REACH accepts nominations for students who meet these criteria:


Nomination Process
Each year, in early November, REACH sends a nomination packet to every Catholic and public school in the city serving 5th grade boys as well as to every Catholic parish in the city. More than 1,400 nomination packets are mailed annually. The following persons may nominate students:


Admissions Process
The admission process involves three steps:

The REACH admissions committee uses a holistic approach to review applicants by considering a variety of factors, including academics, application quality, school recommendations, household income, assets, and other factors that impact a family's circumstances. As an entirely tuition-free program, REACH evaluates the financial eligibility of its applicants to maintain its commitment to serving students that come from lower-income backgrounds. Students who are admitted to REACH in May enter the first summer as Candidates. Upon successful completion of the 6-week summer session, Candidates are invited to join REACH as members in August. Admission to REACH does not guarantee admission to Regis High School in the 9th grade.

For any inquires about applying to REACH/Para cualquier pregunta sobre la solicitud a REACH, please contact/por favor póngase en contacto: or by phone at 646-657-2015.