Planned Giving at Regis

Leave a Legacy of Generosity

Our mission to provide tuition-free Jesuit education is only possible with your generosity. A growing number of loyal alumni, parents, and friends are supporting our school in a sustained way by making Regis part of their estate plans. A gift from your estate will go directly to Regis's Board-designated endowment and have a profound impact on the lives of the young men who walk through our doors.

A planned gift to Regis may also provide a tax deduction for your estate, allow you to manage your assets, and meet your financial needs during your lifetime.

There are many ways to make a planned gift to Regis, including a bequest in your will or trust, a gift from your retirement account or life insurance policy, establishing a charitable trust, or a donation of property or other valuables. We're happy to assist you as you consider your options, and we encourage you to consult with your financial advisor.

St. John Francis Regis Society

Those who make a planned gift to Regis become members of the St. John Francis Regis Society, a growing community of alumni, parents, and friends supporting Regis in a sustained way. You will be recognized as a member of the St. John Francis Regis Society in our Annual Report and on our website, or you may choose to remain anonymous.

If you have already included Regis in your estate plans, please let us know so we can acknowledge your generosity.

Planned Gift Opportunities

Gifts from Your Will

Making a bequest to Regis allows you to manage your assets and meet your family's financial needs. There are a number of ways to include Regis in your estate plan and qualify your estate for tax deductions.

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Beneficiary Gifts Through Your Retirement Account

Naming Regis as the beneficiary of your retirement assets, such as a 401(k), 403(b), IRA, pension, or other tax-deferred plan is an excellent way to give to Regis, while providing important tax benefits.

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Donor Advised Fund

Optimize your giving by designating Regis as a beneficiary for all or a portion of the balance on your Donor Advised Fund (DAF).

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Gifts of Stock and Securities

By donating appreciated stocks, bonds, or other securities, you'll receive charitable deductions while reducing capital gains impact.

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IRA Charitable Rollover

If you're 70 1/2 or older, you can make a gift directly from your IRA to Regis, fulfill your Required Minimum Distribution, and realize significant tax savings.

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Gifts of Real Estate and Other Property

Like stock, making gifts of appreciated assets such as real estate or other property is a strategic way to support Regis, with savings on your income and estate taxes.

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Meet Our Donors

Bill Craco '82
Bill made a bequest to Regis in his will.

John F. Keenan '47, for whom I had the privilege of working as a law clerk, is an example to me of what a young man launched into the world can do armed with a Regis education. He's led a life of honorable public service, characterized by deep humility and a sense of justice, as well as unending intellectual curiosity. I hope my gift will enable Regis to send more such honorable men into the world.

Regis is a welcoming and supportive environment, and I was eager to make sure that I did what I could to make sure that its vital mission - training men for others - continued after I was gone.

Donald T. Hess, Jr. MD '82
Donald made a bequest to Regis in his will.

The education I received at Regis was outstanding. Like the founding family, I believe strongly in making this transformative, Catholic, Jesuit education available to all regardless of the ability of a family to pay. Beyond the extraordinary experience of those four years, Regis certainly contributed to my success.

To help both to repay what I received as well as to give continued support, I am a consistent donor to the Annual Fund. However, to help ensure Regis's success with a larger gift than I would be able to make now, I have included Regis in my estate plan. This gives me peace of mind that the tradition of an excellent tuition-free education will continue after I am gone.

I have always believed that with the success of our alumni, we should strive to have Regis reach a point of financial stability where the endowment could, on its own, sustain the school. I know we will need gifts larger than the Annual Fund to reach this point. Planned giving is a way to do this.

My gift is unrestricted. I feel strongly that Regis should use it as they see best. Regis has been a great steward of my donations to date.

Mike LaMalfa '73
Mike made a bequest to Regis in his will.

On a dreary and rainy day in 1968, I took the Regis entrance exam. I remember not expecting to be accepted and being so soaked that I just wanted to get home, which was over an hour away by subway and bus. Even further from my mind were thoughts of a will, with my whole life ahead of me. However God's providence brought me to Regis. At Regis I not only received an exceptional academic education, but also an enriching experience that shaped the rest of my life. More important than Latin, French, math, and chemistry, I learned of compassion, social responsibility, and camaraderie that set a standard for me to aspire to in my professional career and family life.

When I approached the point in my life to consider a will, I felt it was important to recognize the impact Regis has had on me. It was time for me to give back and to help Regis continue its mission. I hope my gift to the endowment enables future generations of Regians to further the school's ideals of generosity, compassion, and service to society.

Peter and Odalis Quinn P'18
Peter and Odalis made a bequest to Regis and also named Regis as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy

We were honored and very proud when our son Liam, Class of 2018, was accepted to Regis and are deeply grateful for what the school has done for our family. When we think of Regis, we are amazed at its ability to change the trajectory of the lives of its students. We were inspired to make a planned gift to Regis to do our part, in a small way, to ensure the school is able to continue with its mission of forming men for others.

We will forever be indebted to Regis and want to do our part to support the school. We decided to make the gift at this particular time as we were updating our wills and incorporated it into our overall estate planning. We view our giving to Regis in two ways: ongoing through donations to the Annual Fund and longer-term through the designation of Regis as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy we no longer needed and the planned gift. Regis is one of the main focuses of our charitable giving, and structuring this way keeps us close to the school while we make our way to more significant donations.

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