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April 25
No Classes
Easter Recess
No Athletic Events
April 26
No Classes
Easter Recess
JV Baseball
St. Francis Prep at Cunningham Park 4:30 PM
April 27
No School Events
Varsity Volleyball
Salesian Tournament at Salesian 9:00 AM
JV Baseball
Salesian at Salesian 11:30 AM
Varsity Baseball
St. Francis Prep at SUNY Maritime, Bronx 4:00 PM
April 28
No School Events
Varsity Baseball
St. Raymond's at SUNY Maritime, Bronx 4:00 PM
April 29
School-Wide Easter Liturgy
Juniors and Junior Parents Guidance Event (4): Annual College Fair at UNIS
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Varsity Golf
Mount St. Michael at Pelham Bay/Split Rock 3:30 PM
April 30
Emmaus Retreat
Class of 2020 Yearbook Portraits
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
JV Baseball
Xavier at TBA 4:30 PM
Regis Ultimate
Schechter at Randall's Island #80 4:30 PM
Varsity Baseball
Xavier at SUNY Maritime, Bronx 7:00 PM
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