REACH Program Nomination Form

Nominators must be a 5th grade principal, teacher, counselor, pastor or director of religious education, or employee of another educational community based organization.

Nominees must be Catholic boys in the 5th grade who:

  • Demonstrate financial need (80% of our current REACH families earn $80K or less in annual household income)
  • Possess good to superior academic and leadership potential (based on 4th & 5th grade report cards and school recommendations)
  • Score in the 75th percentile or above on standardized tests (for public school students, a 4 or 3 on New York State English and Math Exams).
If you are a parent interested in having your son apply to REACH, please use the 'Request an Application' feature. Do not fill out this form.
Nominator Name and Information
Student Information
Next Steps: Receiving the REACH Application * The family portion of the REACH application will be mailed hard copy directly to the nominee's home address provided above.
To ensure receipt of application, please confirm accuracy of name and mailing address, including apartment #'s, etc. Thank you.
* You will receive an email with instructions on how the applicant's school is to submit their portion of the REACH application (the Academic Performance Record and Recommendations). If you do not work at your nominee's school, please contact your nominee's family and secure the contact information of the school principal or counselor. You can then forward the email containing the application instructions directly to the appropriate person at the school.

By pressing submit, you are certifying that you are the nominator stated above.