How the Program Works

REACH students attend Summer and Saturday Sessions in their 6th, 7th, and 8th grade years. The four REACH Summers and three Saturday Sessions are designed to help each young man compete for a Catholic high school scholarship and develop as leaders committed to our Five Principles: Openness to Growth, Intellectual Skill, Becoming More Loving, Becoming More Faithful, and Service to the Community.

REACH @ Fordham

Candidates begin their REACH journey with a three-week academic overnight program at Fordham University in the Bronx, NY. This experience is designed to introduce students and their families to the accelerated REACH academic and leadership program and is a wonderful chance to meet new friends with similar interests and abilities.

REACH @ Regis

All REACH students and staff reunite at Regis High School for the next 3 weeks of the summer session. These 3 weeks take place in August. Programming takes place Mon - Fri, from 9 am - 5 pm. The 6-week summer session concludes with a Summer Celebration Ceremony in late August. For Candidates, successful completion of the 6-week summer session earns them full REACH membership!.

REACH @ Scranton

Upon successful completion of their first year in the program, students continue their REACH journey at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. This residential experience is designed to further challenge students and their families by focusing on developing the academic and leadership skills necessary to apply to selective high schools. Students also engage in fun and enriching recreation and field trip activities. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Summers all take place in Scranton.h.

REACH Saturdays

During the academic school year, all REACH members attend classes on 10 Saturdays in the fall and 10 Saturdays in the spring. .

High School Placement

REACH Administrators work with each family in the fall of their 8th grade to support their applications to our Core Schools. 97% of recent graduates have earned scholarships or financial aid at these schools.

Graduate Support

REACH continues to support its graduates as they tackle challenging high schools and colleges. REACH alumni gather several times a year for class reunions, ongoing leadership development, college preparation, holiday celebrations and other special events. In addition, post-college REACH alumni have access to an expanding range of networking and professional development opportunities.

With three plus years to work with, REACH's value-added model is set out to cultivate the potential demonstrated in the elementary school years. It is important to note that REACH is not a school; rather, it is a supplementary program designed to work around the student's normal middle school schedule. Our programming takes place on Saturdays throughout the school year and during the summer every year until high school begins. Our Graduate Support Program ensure that REACH students receive additional support to and through college, as well as professional networking opportunities.