Student Testimonials
Kwaku Frimpong
REACH '06 Loyola School '10 Providence College '14
REACH has helped my leadership skills and given me more motivation to become a highly educated person. Knowledge is power. REACH helped fueled my hunger for success and knowledge. Through high school and during my college career thus far, I have used the time management skills I developed during my REACH years and it is something that continues to help me to this day.


Chris Chavez
REACH '07 Xavier High School '11 Marquette University '15

REACH always helped me stay one step ahead in the classroom and provided me with the confidence that I had gifts to share. The program helped me learn the meaning of the Jesuit motto of being “a man for others,” and put me on the path of attending Xavier High School.  My faith was strengthened through REACH, and looking back, the introduction to Jesuit principles and values that started in REACH resulted in my attending Marquette University, another Jesuit school!


Kelly Garcia
REACH '07 Regis High School '11 Cornell University '15

REACH made me aware of what we are truly capable of. Through my teachers and my friends, I saw just how good a person could be. My faith was strengthened by the many sermons and morning prayers we had over the years. We were taught concretely how to apply the Gospel message to our own life. I was in an environment where I was to give nothing less than my all. I was encouraged to do so because my friends were also working hard and doing their best. REACH helped me to learn to have goals for myself and helped me to achieve them. It made me aware that I had skills that I needed to develop and put to good use. REACH gave me community and love that I was compelled to express in my own life.