Leadership Development

The 5 principles of the REACH program lie at the heart of the leadership development program. REACH seeks to graduate students who are:

1) open to growth
2) intellectually skillful
3) more loving
4) more faith-centered
5) servants to their community

REACH promotes these principles as the defining characteristics of a leader. To develop as a leader in REACH is to grow as a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. The various components of the leadership program seek to foster in students the courage, spiritual discipline, faith and skills needed to realize their potential as servants and leaders.

REACH seeks to foster the leadership development of its students through the explicit promotion of the 5 REACH principles, a vibrant spiritual life program, the formal C.O.R.E.(Challenging Outdoor REACH Experiences) curriculum and the Arrupe Saturdays.  The three-week C.O.R.E. curriculum is designed to develop students’ self-awareness, communication skills, cooperative problem solving skills and capacity for measured risk-taking. By inviting students to experiment with roles as leaders and team members in the pursuit of specified objectives, C.O.R.E. allows students to learn from their successes and failures in these roles.  The Arrupe Saturday program for graduating 8th graders stands as the capstone of the leadership development program.