Young Alumni Challenge
——The 2024 Annual Fund——

Welcome to the 2024 Young Alumni Challenge! For the ninth consecutive year, members of the youngest 16 alumni classes will go head-to-head in a bracket-style single-elimination tournament. All proceeds benefit the Annual Fund, the most important stream of income for Regis High School that covers the majority of our operating expenses as a tuition-free school. It’s often the first time alums have the chance to help support our school and “pay it forward” for the next generation of Regians.

Class years have been divided into 4 regions, each with its own seeding: Tunnel, Chapel, Roof, and Quad. The chart to the right shows our seeding and regions, and the bracket below shows our matchups. In each matchup, the class with the higher participation rate will advance to the next round. Additionally, the class that raises the most amount of money overall in each round will win either a JUG Night drink ticket (for classes out of college) or a $5 discount at the Regis store (for classes still in college) for each contributing participant.

The first round of the challenge, the Spirited Sixteen, runs from March 13 to March 26. Make your gift today to help your class win its first-round match-up! The minimum donation per round is $5 for the Classes of 2020-2023 and $10 for all other classes.

The grand prize of the tournament is the legendary YAC Winners BBQ which will be held at Regis this summer! We will announce the exact date later this spring. The winners will also have their class immortalized on the YAC Champions Plaque at Regis. 

The Annual Fund runs from July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024.

2024 March Magis Seeding
Tunnel Region
1. 2008
2. 2021
3. 2022
4. 2016
Chapel Region
1. 2009
2. 2019
3. 2015
4. 2023
Roof Region
1. 2010
2. 2014
3. 2013
4. 2018
Quad Region
1. 2011
2. 2012
3. 2017
4. 2020
Spirited Sixteen
March 13-26
  • 200815.71%
  • 201623.08%
  • 202113.95%
  • 20223.68%
  • 20098.40%
  • 202316.15%
  • 20199.52%
  • 201518.25%
Enduring Eight
March 27-April 2
  • 2016 26.15% 
  • 2021 34.88% 
  • 2023 16.15% 
  • 2015 24.60% 
Foundress Four
April 3-9
  • 2021 39.53% 
  • 2015 39.68% 
April 10-16
  • 2010 75.20% 
  • 2015 73.81% 
Foundress Four
April 3-9
  • 2010 39.20% 
  • 2011 35.34% 
Enduring Eight
March 27-April 2
  • 2010 36.80% 
  • 2014 12.21% 
  • 2011 24.81% 
  • 2012 18.40% 
Spirited Sixteen
March 13-26
  • 201030.40%
  • 20183.91%
  • 201410.69%
  • 20135.34%
  • 201111.28%
  • 20200.78%
  • 201218.40%
  • 201714.29%

Join the Order of the Owl!

The Order of the Owl is a giving society of dedicated Regis supporters. Understanding the financial obstacles facing young alumni, Regis scales down giving levels for more recently graduated classes to encourage participation in this society.

The chart to the right shows the giving threshold for your class as well as a monthly breakdown of this donation over the next year. Your membership in the Order of the Owl will count towards your class's participation totals for every round of March Magis. It will also score you an invitation to the annual Deo et Patriae reception in the Fall, a wonderful celebration of Regis attended by some of Regis's most generous donors from a variety of fields. Click below to visit our giving page to donate or pledge to donate your Order of the Owl gift over the course of the next year.

Junior Order of the Owl
2020-23 $250 $20.84/month
2019 $500 $41.67/month
2018 $750 $62.50/month
2017 $1,000 $83.34/month
2016 $1,250 $104.17/month
2015 $1,500 $125.00/month
2014 $1,750 $145.84/month
2013 $2,000 $166.67/month
2012 $2,250 $187.50/month
2011 $2,500 $208.34/month
Order of the Owl
2008-10 $3,000 $250.00/month


  • Each round of competition will begin at 12:00 a.m. on the first day of the round and end at 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the round.
  • Results will be updated regularly and announced as soon as possible after the round is completed.
  • After each round, participation scores reset to 0.
  • In each matchup, the class with the higher participation rate will advance to the next round.
  • In each round, the class that raises the most amount of money overall will win either a JUG Night drink ticket ('08-'19) or a $5 discount to the Regis store ('20-'23) for each contributing participant. Please note that classes may win a maximum of two drink tickets over the course of the tournament.
  • The winning class will be hosted at Regis for a summer barbecue this summer.
  • Alums who commit to joining the Order of the Owl (either donating or pledging to donate within a year) will count as participating in every round their class advances to.
  • We appreciate all efforts made to make this a successful Young Alumni Challenge. With that in mind, we cannot accept donations made on behalf of a classmate.
  • In the event of a tie between two classes (based on participation percentage), the tie will be broken tie breaking round. On the designated day, each member of the tied classes will be encouraged to make an additional donation of $1. The class with the most donors within the 24-hour period will be declared the winner.
  • For updates on your class’s progress, visit this website, check with your Class Fund Chair, or contact the Office of Advancement at

  • Spirited Sixteen: March 13 - March 26
  • Enduring Eight: March 27 - April 2
  • Foundress Four: April 3 - April 9
  • Championship: April 10 - April 16

    The minimum donation for the Classes of '08-'19 is $10.
    The minimum donation for the Classes of '20-'23 is $5.