Student Publications

The Cardinal (Music Magazine)
The Cardinal is Regis's music magazine. This publication provides Regians a platform to voice their musical interests, album or artist reviews, and especially their hot takes. The Cardinal would also love to become a place for Regians to showcase their own musical talent and get exposure within our school community. Anyone and everyone is welcome to drop by our meetings and submit an article to contribute to this collaborative, music-loving platform.

The Crow (Journal of Opinion)
The Crow is the Regis school magazine and opinion journal. In our pages, Regians can find a range of pieces, from opinions about life at school and faculty profiles to long-form personal essays and cartoons. The club meets every Monday during community time in Room 303 and publishes issues once a trimester.

The Eagle (DEI Newsletter)

The Falcon (Sports Magazine)
The Falcon is Regis’s student-run sports magazine. It provides a forum for students to talk sports, make new friends, and write about interesting topics from all around the globe. The club covers all aspects of professional and Regis sports through its articles, podcasts, and social media platforms.

The Flamingo (Comedy Publication)
The Flamingo, Regis’s comedy publication, strives to capture the school’s unique sense of humor in the written form. Our aim is not only to spread this sense of humor, but to open it to all students, faculty, and alumni. We seek to capture the light-hearted spirit of Regis and the day-to-day difficulties and absurdities of the student experience, while still remaining respectful to and thankful for the people who make up our community. Inspired by humor publications like The Onion and The Harvard Lampoon, The Flamingo will publish articles and content of a purely satirical nature written by members of the Regis community.

The Owl (Newspaper)
The Owl is Regis’s school newspaper. Started in 1936, The Owl has a long tradition of celebrating the Regis community, publicizing the achievements of students, and reporting what’s happening around our school — both inside and outside the building. As a reporter or editor on The Owl, Regians hone their interview, research, writing, and teamwork skills as they produce articles for our printed and digital editions. Read more about The Owl here.

The Pigeon (Social Justice Newsletter)
The Pigeon publishes articles on a variety of social-justice topics. It reflects the student body's interest in social-justice topics and spreads news regarding various diversity, equity, and inclusion clubs at Regis. Its goal is to advocate for and inform about social justice within our Regis, local, state, national, and global communities.

The Raven (Literary and Visual Arts Magazine)
The Raven is Regis’s literary magazine, but in reality, the club as a group is much more. Publishing the work of soon-to-be poets, authors, playwrights, and, in recent years, fashion designers, The Raven is a literary journal, but it is also dedicated to displaying all kinds of artwork. Members put pen to paper (or fingers to keys) to move away from all the academic rigor and be free.

The Regian (Yearbook) The Regian, Regis’s yearbook, is designed to capture the life of the entire school each and every year. Staff members work on a variety of different areas for the book, including photography, copy, layout, and soliciting advertisements. Read more about The Regian here.