Student Government

The deliberative body of the Student Government is composed of thirty-eight class representatives, each one chosen by vote of his respective advisor group. The President and Vice President take office in spring of their junior year, having been chosen by vote of the underclassmen. They, in turn, appoint a Secretary and a Treasurer. Also serving on the Executive Committee is the president of the Student Activities Committee of the Student Council.

The Student Council serves as a major conduit of communication between students and administration; student questions and concerns, as they are articulated in weekly government meetings, are expressed directly to the Headmaster by the President of the Council. The Council is also responsible for communicating administrative responses to the students via their representatives.

In addition, the student government is expected to generate proposals that will benefit life at the school; practically, it has responsibility for disbursing the funds from dances and other events that are placed under its control. Typically, the government uses these monies to finance projects and new clubs within Regis, and to support charitable causes in the world outside.