Endowment Giving


Endowment Giving
The Regis Fund holds the school’s endowment and covers a portion of the operating budget each year.

While the Founding Family supported the school for sixty years, Regis was never provided an endowment. Today’s Regis Fund sits at approximately $125 million, which has been built by gifts from alumni, families, and friends. Their gifts have come from capital campaigns, estate bequests, and individual capital gifts, including named scholarships.

The Regis Fund has been managed since 2008 by Athena Capital under the direction of the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Regis withdraws 4% from the endowment each year to help cover its $15 million operating budget. While the endowment is an important part of Regis’s financial picture, the Annual Fund remains the most significant source of income for the school. Donating to the Annual Fund limits the need to withdraw capital and permits the endowment to grow.
The Office of Development
Learn more about Endowment gifts to Regis. Contact the Office of Development at giving@regis.org or (212) 288-1142

The following named scholarships constitute segments of the Regis Fund. If you are interested in contributing to one of these endowments or beginning an endowed fund of your own, please contact the Development Office.

Named Scholarships
Funds provided to Regis by alumni, families & friends that have been dedicated to the Regis Fund
Virginia and Thomas Mulvaney '42
James R. Carney, SJ '43
Joseph & Phyllis Judge '47
Raymond Bergan '48
Thomas F. Noone '49
Barry E. Sullivan '49
Gerard F. Rubin '50
Richard E. Meyer '51
John Roche '53 Family Endowment
Robert J. Goldstein '56
John L. Connelly '56 P'90'99: REACH
Richard J. Minasz '57
Virginia & John V. Forrest '58
Deborah Pate & John V. Forrest '58
Paul Volpe '59
Emil Iannaccone '60
James Paduano '60
John A. Werwaiss '60
Joseph and Gertrude DeCresce P'67
Kieran P. Quinn '67
Michael and Candace Curran '75
Thierry G. Porté '75
Tracy & Gary Mezzatesta '76
Martin J. Mannion '77
Fabian J. Fondriest '79
Anthony J. DiNovi, Jr. '80
Anthony J. Domino, Jr. '80 P'08
Lawrence R. Vitale '80
Fred & Ruth Lynch '82 - REACH Endowment
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Labbat '83
Brian G. Smith '84 and Kaliope Kostas
Thomas B. Burke '85 P'17
Adrian E. Dollard '88
In Memory of John Miller '91
Gregory James Trost '93
Edward Bosek '97
Margaret T. Biddle Foundation
Stephen Duffy, SJ
James J. Fischer, SJ
The Hearn Fund Honoring the 25th Anniversary of Coach Eric P. DiMichele
Helen D. Johnson
Robert G. Kelly, SJ
Vern & Eileen Lahart
Edward J. Lavin, SJ
Margaret Lehrfeld David A. and Mildred H. Morse CharitableTrust REACH Scholarship - In memory of John Hyland '69
Mulvaney Family Foundation
Joseph E. Perrot, SJ
Huguette and Michel Porté - Chair of French Language and Civilization
Rowen Family Scholarship
Sage Foundation
Bernice Marie Sesody Memorial Scholarship
Mary and Vincenzo Tomasulo Endowment
Rose & Nicholas Vitanza
Julia Quinn Whalen