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Does an applicant have to be a baptized Roman Catholic boy to apply?
Yes, as a Catholic leadership school, Regis's founding charter requires this.

Does an applicant have to be confirmed before attending Regis?

What are the criteria for applying to Regis?
In addition to being a baptized Catholic boy, an applicant must have excellent grades and standardized testing (above the 90th national percentile in nationally-normed testing).

How is a student nominated for an application?
If an applicant is in a Catholic school in the New York metropolitan area, he must be nominated directly by his principal or 8th grade teacher. They will prescreen applicants based on the criteria above and submit a nomination form online. The nominated student will receive an email from the Admissions Office with an application access code which will allow him to set up an admissions account.

If an applicant is in a public or independent school, he or his parents should contact the Regis Admissions Office directly and be ready to provide a copy of his final 7th grade report card. Please see the Admissions Process page for more information.

Does Regis use the TACHS test for admission?
No, we have a separate exam. Please do not put Regis down as one of your three choices.

What is the Regis Scholarship Exam?
Regis uses the High School Placement Test (HSPT). All applicants must take the exam at Regis after completing their online application. Please see the Scholarship Exam page for more information.

What's tested on the HSPT?
The exam tests cognitive and basic skills. It is divided into five sections: two cognitive skills section (verbal and quantitative skills) and three basic skills sections (reading, mathematics, and language). For further details, please see the Scholarship Exam (HSPT) section of our website.

How can an applicant prepare for the HSPT?
Apart from getting a good night's sleep, he should familiarize himself with the format of the test. There are prep books available with sample questions, and there is a helpful video about preparing for the exam at the bottom of the Scholarship Exam section of this website.

Does an applicant need an admissions ticket for the Regis Scholarship Exam?
No. Once an applicant submits his application, we will expect him for the test.

What should an applicant bring to the exam?
A pen, two #2 pencils, and a brain.

How many recommendations are required in the admissions process?
Two - one from the principal or counselor and one from a teacher who knows the applicant well, preferably one who taught him in 7th grade.

Can an applicant send in extra recommendations?
Yes, but only if the recommendation substantially enhances our understanding of the applicant and covers an important aspect not addressed in the required recommendations. (e.g., a parish priest writing on behalf of a public school student). Bottom line: Don't go crazy. If a U-Haul pulls up in front of Regis with your recommendations, that would constitute overkill.

Can an applicant exceed the space allotted for his application?
While we encourage an applicant to be concise, even pithy, he is free to extend the answer boxes to complete his essays. To put it in poetic terms, we are looking for the modest midpoint between a haiku and an epic poem.

Who should fill out the optional financial statement?
Those families who would otherwise have difficulty paying for a Catholic high school education.

What's covered in the interviews?
Our interview process is designed to help us get to know each candidate better. The interview is conversational, with questions on students' academic and extracurricular interests and interest in a Regis education. The interview is also an excellent opportunity for applicants to learn more about Regis directly from a teacher and community member. Don't lose too much sleep: At the end of the day, the Regis interviews are two short conversations with a nervous 8th grade student, and our interviewers and Scholarship Committee are fully aware of that reality!

When are Regis's Open Houses?
Please check the Admissions Events page for more information.

Are only 8th graders invited?
No, the Open Houses are open to all ages.

Can we be nominated for an application at the Open House?
Yes, if applicants are from public or private schools that do not prescreen students for us. You can fill out a nomination form at the end of the tour. Catholic school applicants must be nominated directly by their principals or 8th grade teachers.

What's the difference between the regional Information Nights and the Open Houses?
The regional Information Nights focus on the Regis experience as lived by students from your geographical area with common educational backgrounds, commutes, etc. Because they are more intimate gatherings that are attended by present students and their parents, alumni, and alumni parents, they are a good introduction to Regis.

If we attend a regional Information Night, do we need to attend an Open House?
Yes, to get the most information about Regis, our students, and our programs, we recommend you attend an Open House.

Does Regis allow students to shadow for a day?
Yes, but only after they are accepted. The sheer size of the applicant pool prevents us from accommodating students earlier in the process.

What if we have a question not covered in this Frequently Asked Questions section?
No problem — feel free to call us.

Contact Regis Admissions
(646) 657-2059
Douglas Eickman '05
Director of Admissions & Enrollment
Victor Bowman, Jr.
Associate Director of Admissions
Lauren Curry
Admissions Associate