Planned Giving at Regis

Saint John Francis Regis Legacy Society

A planned gift to Regis has an impact that lasts far beyond your lifetime and supports generations of students whose lives will be forever changed by their Regis experience.

The St. John Francis Regis Society was established to pay tribute to alumni and friends who have included Regis in their estate plans. These legacy gifts play a crucial role in building the school's endowment, which helps to cover everything from a portion of the annual operating costs to major capital improvements that underpin an environment of excellence.

You can support Regis's mission by:

  • Including Regis in your will
  • Naming Regis as a beneficiary of an IRA, retirement plan, insurance policy or bank account
  • Creating a charitable trust or other life income gift

Society members are recognized on-line and in the Annual Report, or may remain anonymous. To learn more or to let us know that you have already included Regis in your estate, please contact The Office of Advancement at 212-288-1142 or email

Living Members

Mr. Michael F. Page '46
Mr. Gerald T. Moran '48
Mr. Francis T. Cryan '49
Mr. John W. Weiser '49
Ms. Kaye Karch W'50
Dr. John P. Lawler '51
Mr. Michael F. Hayes '52
Mr. Jerold R. Kappes '52
Mr. Robert J. Kleffmann '52
Mr. Edward J. McAniff '52
Mr. Robert E. Moore '52
Mr. Frederick W. Gluck '53
Thomas J. Hickey, P.E., Esq. '53 GP'10
Dr. Gerhart M. Karg '53
Brady P. McKaig, M.D. '53
Mr. George Culliney '54
Dr. James C. McGroddy '54
Mr. Phillip J. Trainor '54
Mrs. Mary Anderson W'55
Mr. William F. Clare, III '55 and Ms. Adele J. Calcavecchio
Mr. John L. Githens '55
Mr. Gregory F. Leiher '56
Mr. John E. Raha '56
Dr. Ann-Judith Silverman W'56
Mr. Charles S. Wertalik '56
Mr. John S. Hannon, Jr. '57
Mr. Thomas W. Lippman '57
Mr. William F. Werwaiss '57
Dr. Dennis J. Card '58 and Dr. Maureen E. McCanty
John V. Forrest, M.D. '58
Michael J. Napoliello M.D. '58
Christopher J. Daly, MD '59
Mr. John O. Nugent '59
Mrs. Mary Hurley Begley W'60
John J. Bonamo, M.D. '60
Mr. Charles P. Nastro '60
Mr. Francis J. Nestor '60
Mr. John A. Werwaiss '60 P'91
Mr. Edward T. Egan '61
Mr. William F. Eng '61
Mr. Kenneth J. Kopecky '61
Mr. Richard G. Mulvaney '61
Mr. William J. O'Connor '61
Mr. James M. O'Sullivan '61
Mr. Gerald J. Paolini '61
Capt. Thomas E. Walsh , M.D. '61
Nicholas J. Zirpolo, Ph.D '61
Dr. Joseph J. Connors '62
Mr. John D. James '62
Mr. James L. Kohlwey '62
Mr. Charles B. Lynch '62
Mr. Kieran B. Meagher '62
Dr. Peter J. Mooney, Jr. '62
Mr. John J. O'Rourke '62
Dr. Edward J. Petruzzello '62
Mr. Edward J. Ryan '62
Brendan D. Thomson, M.D. '62
Mr. Michael B. Kelly '63
Mr. Richard J. Kitlinski '63
William E. Pries, Esq. '63
Mr. John J. Sesody '63
Mr. John F. Tweedy, Jr. '63
Amb. Timothy A. Chorba '64
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Owens III '64
Mr. Steve V. Calabrese '65
Mr. Richard J. Costabile '65 and Mr. Randall E. Wilcox
Mr. Vincent Daly '65
Mr. Jeffrey W. Davis '65
Mr. Thomas R. Moebus '65
Dr. Peter M. Nardi '65
Mr. David G. O'Brien '65
Mrs. Robert M. Romano '65
Mr. Thomas J. Carmichael '66
Mr. John M. Nonna '66
Mr. Lou Recano '66
Mr. Joseph G. Roosevelt '66
Mr. Ernest G. Harris, Jr. '67
Eugene M. Lugano, M.D. '67
Mr. William J. McLaughlin '67
Mr. Kieran P. Quinn '67
Joseph D. Verdirame, M.D. '67
Mr. Joseph F. Zeller, Jr. '67
Mr. James E. Foy '68
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Oliva '68
Stephen and Yvonne Truhon '69
John E. Allen, D.M.D. '70
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Janeczek '70
Mr. John L. Miscione '70
Mark and Cynthia Tronco '70
Mr. Paul C. Atkinson '71
Mr. Roger J. Moran '71
Rick and Maureen Romito '71
Mr. Thomas R. Stio '71
Mr. Robert F. Kopp '72
Mr. Michael G. Molyneux '72
Mr. Michael A. LaMalfa '73
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Cummings '74
Leonard Scarpinato, M.D.'74
Mr. Joseph M. Santi '75
Mr. James J. Busuttil '76
Mr. John H. Driscoll, Jr. '76
Mr. Gary J. Mezzatesta '76
Mr. Richard G. Slattery '76
Mr. Shawn K. Feeney '77
Fr. Michael J. Rizzo '77
Mr. Seamus E. Carroll '78
Mr. James S. Connolly '78
Patrick and Cynthia Galizio '79
Mr. Steven E. Okonski '79
Mr. Alfredo J. Pastro '80
Mr. Manuel E. Ribot '80
Albert John Kish '81
Mr. William E. Craco '82
Donald T. Hess, Jr. M.D. '82
Mr. Chris DeMarco '83
Mihael Puc, M.D. '83
Mr. Francis Joanlanne '84
Mr. Robert J. Vollkommer '84
Mr. John T. Schiavone '85
Edward A. Gamarra, Jr.,'90
Mr. Joseph M. Sciabica '90
Mrs. Beth Dougherty P'92
Mr. Steven E. Shekane '93
Harold and Jennifer Eylward '94
Mr. Daniel M. Laureano '96
Mrs. Barbara Ann Cook P'01
James R. and Lois J. Valletti P'01
Mr. James R. Valletti '01
Mr. Nicholas F. Pillarella '06
Francis X. and Barbara Bolton P'92
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bunt P'08
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Fleming P'08
Ms. Susan Wengler P'09'13'15
Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. Ferrone P'12
Prof. Curtis J. Milhaupt P'16
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hoopes P'16'18
Mr. Peter Quinn and Ms. Odalis Herrera-Quinn P'18
Thomas and Cecelia Schier P'19
Mr. Carl J. Daniels P'24
Dr. William Carew
Mr. William T. Lundy
Ms. Julie Radin
Deceased Members

Miss Dorothy Brooks
Ms. Lillian Joseph
Margaret Lorne Trust
Ms. Eileen Maher
Ms. Eileen Mulcahy
Ms. Mary O'Malley
Mr. J. Patrick Powers
Ms. Mae Rooney
Ms. PK Steers
Ms. Rose Volpe
Mr. George A. Brooks '18
Mr. Maurice E. Cox '18
Mr. Charles K. Finch '18
Mr. Edwin F. McDonald '18
Mr. Hugh A. O'Haire '18
Mr. Ralph J. Pempel
Mr. Joseph P. Bohan '19
Mr. Raymond J. Leo '19
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Murray
Alfred A. Schenone, M.D. '19
Mr. Henry A. Schickling '19
Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Reynolds '20
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Greenauer '21
Mrs. Mary Anne Greenauer W'21
Mr. Charles L. Hannelly '21
Mr. C. Gordon Lamude '21
Mr. John H. Michels '21
Mr. Arthur R. Attridge '22
Mr. Frank I. Collins '22
Mrs. Frank I. Collins '22
Mr. Richard T. Guerin '22
Mr. James J. Healy '22
Mr. William G. Heiden '22
Mr. Aloysius J. Henning, Esq. '22
Mr. William J. Kenney '22
Mr. Michael J. Kiely '22
Mr. John C. Timmermann '22
Mr. John F. Byrnes '23
Rev. Msgr. Charles E. Diviney, P.A. '23
Mr. James B. Dooley '23
Mrs. Malvina R. McNeill W'23
Dr. and Mrs. Aloysius P. Robling
Mr. William P. Wallace
Mr. Arthur J. Arctander '24
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Breen '24
Mr. Gerald J. Doyle '24
Mr. Raymond F. Dwyer '24
Mrs. Alvina E. Murphy W'24
Mr. James V. Tague '24
Mr. Thomas A. Collins '25
Maj. Norman E. Fitzgerald '25
Mr. Edward F. Keele '25
Rev. Msgr. Robert J. Kelly '25
Mr. Justin J. Murphy '25
Mr. Edward A. O'Rorke '25
Mr. Francis X. Conway '26
Mrs. Marjorie Glennon W'26
Hon. Joseph W. McGovern '26
Bernard F. McKernan, M.D. '26
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. McNulty '26
Mr. Walter J. Neylon '26
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Riordan '26
Mr. John A. Burke '28
Mr. James O. Frein '28
Rev. Msgr. Joseph P. F. Gallagher '28
Col. William F. Kuhn '28
Mr. John J. Murtagh '28
Dr. Anthony C. Rinaldini
Mr. John J. Courtney '29
Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Donnelly '29
Mr. John G. Fitzgerald
Mr. William V. Kuhn '29
Rev. Joseph P. Marshall '29
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Moran '29
Mr. and Mrs. David C. O'Connor '29
Mr. Joseph P. Wallace '29
Mr. Patrick J. Lynch '30
Mr. Charles W. Lynch '30
Edward A. Malloy, D.D.S. '30
Rev. Msgr. John C. McCarthy '30
Mr. Thomas P. O'Hara '30
Mr. Joseph A. Tirdell '30
William J. Eisenmenger, M.D. '31
Mr. Thomas J. Feeney '31
Mr. Robert F. Giroux '31
Mr. Edward J. Mahler '31
Mrs. Aileen Mooney W'31
Rev. Msgr. Thomas S. Moriarty '31
Mr. Jerome J. Putz '31
Mr. Alton J. Burke '32
Mrs. James B. Kelley
Mr. James F. Lyden '32
Mr. William F. Walsh '32
Prof. Julius S. Gassner '33
Mr. Daniel M. Madden '33
Mr. Francis L. Brannigan '34
Mr. Charles X. McCarthy '34
Mr. Brendan J. Meagher '34
Mr. John P. Mullery '34
Mr. Harry M. Smith '34
Mr. Francis V. Wagner '34
Mr. Fred M. Angiello '35
Mr. Ovid D. DiFiore '35
Dr. Robert J. Fitzgerald '35
Mr. Stephen J. Flynn '35
Mr. William J. Hasey '35
Mr. William J. Smollen '35
Mr. Robert J. Tighe '35
Mr. Cuno J. Von Campe '35
Mr. Richard N. Carbonara '36
Mr. Joseph R. Daly '36
Mr. William H. O'Brien '36
Capt. William P. Rothamel '36
Mr. Jeremiah F. Donovan '37
John V. Price, M.D.'38
Mr. Michael J. Ames '39
Mr. John H. Bermingham '39
Mr. and Mrs. Henry V. Frei '39
Ms. Patricia Harris W'39
Mr. Luke D. Lynch '39
Robert D. Morris, DDS '39
James F. Murray '39
Mr. Gregory J. Saunsen '39
Mr. Warren J. Argue '40
Mr. Stephen T. Lederleitner '40
Mr. Edward T. Lee '40
Mr. Patrick J. McCarthy '40
Mr. William J. Neureither '40
Capt. George P. Pavis USN (Ret) '40
Mr. William J. Carroll '41
Mr. Joseph M. Duffy '41
Mr. Robert J. Morrison '41
Mr. Raymond V. O'Connor '41
Mr. James E. O'Malley '41
Mr. William E. Tuite '41
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Walsh '41
Joseph C. Amico, M.D. '42
Mr. Thomas A. Canning '42
Mr. Gerald F. Foley '42
Mr. Warren J. Gloss '42
Mr. Charles A. S. Hickey '42
Mr. Robert C. Langley '42
Mr. Edward M. Masterson, Sr. '42
Mrs. Marjorie M. Mooney W'42 P'71
Mr. Thomas P. Mulvaney '42
Mr. Richard J. Dircks '43
Donald and Marie Gross '43
Mr. Thomas E. McManus '43
Mr. Donald F. Mooney '43
Mr. Richard J. Powers '43
Rev. Joseph A. Stulb '43
Mr. John J. Thornton '43
Mr. Robert H. Wolf '43
Severino J. Ambrosio, M.D. '44
Franklyn P. Gerard, M.D. '44
Mr. Edward P. Heslin '44
Mr. Fenton J. O' Malley '44
Mr. Vincent J. Villa '44
Mr. Joseph G. Williams '44
Mr. Thomas E. Leavy '45
Rev. Msgr. Thomas P. Leonard '45
Mrs. Mary Ann Slattery W '45
Mr. William H. Clarke '46
Mr. Thomas E. Cross III '46
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Hickman '46
Mrs. Kay Bea O'Donnell W'46
Mr. George J. O'Donnell '46
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Judge '47
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Komma '47
Mr. Frank J. McCarthy '47
Mr. Thomas G. McKenna '47
Mr. Eugene V. Mohr '47
Mr. Joseph L. Reilly '47
Mr. Michael J. Rocks '47
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schwendinger '47
Mr. Raymond W. Bergan '48
Mrs. Carol McCormack W'48
Mr. Henry A. McCormack '48
Hon. Terrence P. Ryan '48
Mr. Alexander J. Burke '49 GP '00 '12
Ms. Suzanne Burke W'49 GP'00'12
Mr. Paul R. Dooling '49
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Keating '49
Mr. George P. Montefalcone '49
Mr. Alan E. Pinado '49
Mr. Rickard Donovan '50
Eileen E. Egan W'50
Dennis J. McCrory, M.D. '50
Mr. Paul J. Nicholas '50
Mr. Thomas M. O'Brien '50
Capt. Joseph M. Purtell '50
Mr. Gerard F. Rubin '50
Mr. Vincent E. Vicinanzo '50
Mr. Erich E. Baumgartner '51
Vincent F. Guinee, M.D. '51
Mr. Frederick A. Hahn, Jr. '51
Mr. Kenneth C. Hellwig '51
Peter F. Mullany '51
Mr. William V. O'Connor '51
Mr. John J. Reilly '51
Mr. John A. O'Connor '52
Mr. Thomas F. O'Toole '52
Mr. Robert M. Tomasulo '52
Mr. Joseph A. Barbosa '53
Mr. Edward P. Gistaro '53
Dr. Edward J. Skiko '53
Mr. James P. Carr, Jr. '54
Mr. Hubert J. Horan '54
Mr. Brian C. Irslinger '54
David D. Nicholas, M.D. '54
Mr. Charles F. Peterson '54
Mr. Stephen L. Popp '54
Dr. Richard C. Schneider '54
Mr. Paul F. Anderson '55
Mr. Donald R. Lyons '55
RADM Ronald M. Polant, USCG '55
Peter B. Cinelli, M.D.'56
Mr. Thomas J. Kelly '56
Dr. Paul C. Schroeder '56
Mr. Thomas J. Fallon, Jr. '57
Mr. Joseph G. Rimlinger '57
Mr. John J. Butler '58
Mr. L. John Friia '58
Mr. Peter L. Kern '58
Dr. John T. (Jack) Boorman '59
Mr. Bernard M. Fox '59
Mr. Emil A. Iannaccone '60
Mr. James A. Paduano '60
Dr. Attilio A. Favorini '61
Dr. Gregory E. Gardiner '61
Mr. Richard J. Boyle '61
Mr. Robert A. O'Brien '61
Mr. Alexander C. Witkowski '61
Mark A. Brennan, DDS '62
Mr. Ronald J. Ferreri '62
Dr. James J. Sweeney '62
Rev. Michael J. Walsh '62
Mr. Robert M. Kelly, Jr. '63
Mrs. Mary Kott P '63
Mr. Patrick J. Roan '63
Prof. William J. Serow '63
Richard T. Horstmeyer, M.D. '64
Lawrence J. Kenah, Ph.D. '64
Louis Scheeder, Ph.D. '64
Dr. John C. Wirth, Jr. '64
Mr. Edmund M. Kulsick '65
Dr. Thomas J. Moorehead '65
Mr. Stephen J. Sopko '65
Timothy F. Beckett, M.D. '66
Mr. John J. Fox '66
Mr. Robert K. Sharp '67
Mr. James C. Sherwood '68
Mr. Edward J. Martineck '69
Mr. Joseph J. Antosh P'70
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Rubsam P'71
Mr. Peter C. Farranto '72
Mrs. Eleanor Lawless P'73
Mrs. Margaret Mannion P'74'77
Mr. Evan F. Smith '74
Mrs. Margaret Clare Phelan P'80
Mrs. Pauline Mullaney P'91
Mr. Charles Donovan '94
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence O'Donnell