Regis Hosts First Annual Collegiate Holiday Luncheon

On Friday, January 4th and Tuesday, January 8th Regis held its first ever Collegiate Holiday Luncheons. The events presented an opportunity for recent graduates of Regis to spend an afternoon of their college winter break catching up with old classmates and teachers.

Throughout the two luncheons, over 100 students came back to 84th street to take in the sights of their old stomping ground. These recent alumni were treated to a whole host of new scenes around the school. For many of the alumni, the new cafeteria and video screens were a complete surprise. "It really looks fantastic. It's good to see the school is updating itself," said one member of the class of 2016.

Though, for all of its changes, Regis has remained steadfast in its enduring and welcoming community. “It was great to see so many guys back in the building, and to hear what they were up to in college and abroad," said Mr. Douglas Eickman of the Math Department. "I particularly enjoyed hearing from a bunch of former students who were doing interesting things in either math and science, and who were putting what they had learned here at Regis to good use."

Vincent Catapano, Director of Alumni Relations, echoed this sentiment. "Having over 100 of our college aged alumni was a great experience and it was a pleasure seeing how they took their experiences at Regis and brought them to college campuses across the country," he said. " We look forward to getting them more involved in the alumni network and to utilize the resources available to them."


Posted: 1/16/19