Remembering Veterans on the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day

Pictured: As part of the #greenlightavet initiative, the lights outside of the 84th Street entrance are green again this Veterans Day weekend as a symbol of appreciation and support for our veterans.

One hundred and four years ago—as war was breaking out across the Atlantic Ocean on a scale previously unimaginable—a school opened its doors on 84th Street in Manhattan with a bold goal: to provide tuition-free Jesuit education to high school boys whose families could not otherwise afford a Catholic education. Since then, Regis has produced countless Men for Others, a number of whom have served our country in the armed forces. Regians have served in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and the ongoing conflicts the nation is involved in today.

Now, one hundred years after the conclusion of World War I, we reflect on those who have proudly served. We honor the 100th anniversary of Armistice day by honoring and cherishing those soldiers in our community. In their service, these brave men have exemplified the Regis call to serve God and country.

On this 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day, Regis honors our living alumni veterans and active-duty service members who have served our country, listed below. Help us keep this list accurate. Email edits to
“The call to be great hearted, to have the noble heart and to dare the hero’s part, is very much the spirit of Regis High School, an idea and an institution born out of vision and generosity.” —Rev. Joseph A. O’Hare, S.J. ’48  |  Diamond Anniversary Address, April 1, 1989
Living Alumni Veterans and Active-Duty Service Members
Class of 1935 Ovid DiFiore Army
Class of 1944 Donald Dougherty
Thomas Glasser Army
Class of 1946 Bob Fortier Army
Class of 1947 Robert O'Neil Marine Corps
Class of 1948 Andrew L. McMahon Army
Class of 1949 Robert Byrnes Navy
Frank Cryan Army
David Donohue Navy
James Evrard Army
Joseph Garon Army
Robert Hatch Marine Corps
Paul Geisler Navy
Howard Gould Air Force Medical Officer
Andrew Hernon Army
Joseph Mulqueen Naval Chaplain
Edward Romary Air Force
George Roos Navy
Richard Simler Navy
William Storz Naval Surgeon
Gerard Watson Marine Corps
John Weiser Navy
Class of 1950 John Corrigan Army
Bob Dalury Marine Corps
Tom Delaney Army
Paul Giuffre Navy ROTC
Howard McCormack Navy ROTC
Ray Murphy Navy ROTC
Michael O'Connor
Joe Purtell Navy ROTC
Class of 1951 Erich Baumgartner Navy ROTC
Joseph Biscoglio Army
Donal Butterfield Navy ROTC
Barry Cullen
Pete Donovan Marine Corps
Thomas Delahunty Army
Dr. Thomas Fahey Air Force
John Foley Army
William Foote Navy ROTC
James Hagan Air Force
William Kane Air Force
John Konvalinka Naval Aviator
Charles La Belle Army
Francis Lynch Army
Donald McCarthy Army
James O'Rourke Navy ROTC
Hugh Quinn Army
John Ryan Air Force
Paul Tomes Marines
Bernard Tracey Navy ROTC
Robert Walsh Army
James Winberg Navy ROTC
John Wynne
Class of 1952 Michael Hayes Navy
Class of 1953 George Bouvet Air Force
Gordon D. Brownlee Marine Corps
Brian Fitzgerald Marine Corps
Fred Gluck Air Force Reserves
John Russo Navy Medical Officer
James Whelan Army
Class of 1954 Frederick Burgess Coast Guard
Thomas Cahill Coast Guard
John Conroy Navy
Thomas Curley Army
Donald Dodd Air Force
Richard Emmons Air Force
John Fanning Army Intelligence
Francis Franks Army
Michael Lanzarone Army Military Police
Traugott Lawler Marine Corps
Sam Milana Army Paratroopers
William Monahan Army
David Nicholas Public Health Service Officers
William Noval Army Reserves
Matthew O'Connell Naval Reserves
Robert O'Connor Army Signal Corps
Francis O'Regan Navy
Joseph Panzarino Navy
James Perrone Air Force
Thomas Smith Air Force
Robert Stibler Navy
Phillip Trainor Navy
Richard Ward Army
Edward Wilson Navy
Class of 1955 Ron Polant
Lou Umscheid Air Force
Class of 1956 Harold Bauman
Jack Dowling
Edward Gallagher
William Kelly
Richard Kuhn
Jeff Landau
Charlie Lynch
Daniel McCarthy
Dennis McGrath
Ray McGuire
Edward Moran
William Noll
Fergus O'Scannlain
Peter Philbin
William Postner
Frank Reilly
Robert Shaffhauser
Andre Vernot
Edward Walsh
Charlie Wertalik
Class of 1957 Robert Arbour Army
William Barbieri Air Force
Ray Begin Army
Michael Burke Marine Corps
John Caronna Navy
John Carroll
Gene Cheslock Navy/Marine Corps
Tony Chessick Navy
James Cox Air Force
James Coyle Navy
John Cummings Air Force
Tom Donnelly Air Force
Pat Fitzpatrick Navy
Dennis Flannery Army
John Garvey Air Force
William Gillen Army
James Gow Air Force
Jack Hannon Navy
Andy Jackson Air Force
Jerry Jehnson Army
Packy Lawler Marine Corps
Tom Lippman Army
Mike McCormack Navy
Joe Phelan Army
James Power marine Corps
Edward Sayre Air Force
Ray Schuerger Army
Florian Storch Navy
Walter Sullivan Army
Joe Vaira New York National Guard
Willie Werwaiss Navy
Vin Zichello Army
Class of 1958 Robert Bastek Coast Guard
Joseph Blass Air Force
Dennis Card Air Force
Chris Daly Army
John Forrest Nav
John Friia Army
George Garces Marine Corps
John Kelly Navy
Daniel Marshall Navy
James M. Moran Navy
Michael Napoliello army
Philip Otero Air Force ROTC
Raymond Sisk Navy Reserves
Robert Stanley Air Force
Charles Stark Navy
Jeremiah Sullivan Coast Guard
Philip Volastro Air Force
John Zeman Army
Class of 1959 James Alexander Army
James Bonnell Army
Pat Brosnan Navy
Richard Gembecki Army
Richard Loeffler Army
Pat Monahan Army
Ed Montell Navy
Paul Mulligan Army
John Nugent Army
Daniel O'Leary Navy
Tom Reilly Army
Gerry Swinarsky Air Force
Ralph Thomann Army
Leo Tymon Army
Larry Warnken Navy
Class of 1960 James Barbara Army
William Dickey Air Force
Stephen Greene Marine Corps
Edwin Powers Army
Class of 1961 Robert Bonnell Army
John Kelly Air Force
Robert A. O'Brien Air Force
Sebastian Pandolfo Army
Class of 1962 Joseph Mullaney Army
Richard Muth Army
John Shay, Jr. Army
Class of 1963 Mark Olesnicki Army
William Pries Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps
Class of 1964 Eugene Boggia Naval Reserve Unit
Gerard Carroll Air Force
Timothy Chorba Army
Joseph Cirrito Army
James Hoolahan Navy
William Janofsky Air Force
John Keane Army
Kenneth Kelly Army
Richard Luc Air Force
Dennis Moulton
Ed Murphy Army
James O'Keefe Army
James Oliviero Judge Advocate General's Corps
Bernard Owens Navy Medical Corps
James Pielli Air Force
Daniel Pukstas Navy
Martin Quigley Navy Reserves
David Ritchie Army ROTC
Kevin Rodgers Army
Robert Shullman Army
Frank Silvestri
John Steinmuller Marine Corps
Ronald Tristal Army
Neil Walsh Navy
Jeff Weinlandt Army
Class of 1965 James Barry Air Force
Richard Jefson Army
Class of 1966 Karl L. Blaha Army
James Elliot USANG
George Hodges Army
Edward Marut US Public Health Service
Patrick Mazzeo Army
Gerald Schwerdt Navy
Robert Thomas army
John Van Name New York National Guard
Class of 1967 Terry Chorba
Jack Hund
Steve Malone Navy
Pat Murphy
Dennis O'Brien
William Yadlon Army
Class of 1968 Dennis Eaton Marine Corps
Robert Minutoli Army
Class of 1970 Blair Bozek Air Force
Tom Daly Marine Corps
Louis P. Deasaro Navy
Robert Gasser Air Force
William Lee Navy
Steven Nevins Air Force
Jonathan rusch
John Sullivan
Class of 1971 Roger Moran Navy
Class of 1972 Thomas Abate Navy
Kevin Gil Air Force
John Hederman US Public Health Service
Stephen Kaczynski Army
Kevin Murray Navy
Bohdan Twerdowsky Army
Class of 1974 Thomas Cannon Navy
Class of 1976 Michael Antonucci Air Force
Rich Mathus
Fr. Gerald Murray US Naval Reserve Chaplain
Class of 1978 Thomas P. Doyle Army ROTC
Gregory Sullivan Air Force ROTC
Class of 1979 John Feeley Marine Corps
Marty Newshan Navy
Kevin Rochford Marine Corps
Dave White Army
Class of 1980 John Buckheit Army Judge Advocate General's Corps
Patrick McGreal Army
Class of 1981 Neil McCarthy Army Medical Corps
Michael Morriss Navy
Paula Neira Navy
Class of 1982 Al Blumenstock Marine Corps
Christopher Carl Marine Corps
Peter Driscoll Navy
Class of 1983 Donald Culkin Coast Guard
Andrew Lennon Navy
Patrick J. Mahaney, Jr. Army
Class of 1984 Raymond McGoldrick US Army Medical Corps
Richard Paul Sorrentino, Ph.D. US Army Reserve
Valentino Vila Navy
Class of 1986 David Duff Navy
Donald Hess Air Force
Class of 1988 Orlando Acosta Air Force
Class of 1989 Kevin Gerrity Navy
Wilson Kim Air Force
Class of 1990 Fred Baptiste Marine Corps
Jan Sydor Marine Corps
Class of 1991 Peter Gallagher Navy
Timothy Kelly
Tremaine Sayles Army
Class of 1992 Michael Brons
Chris Dougherty
John Pacor
Class of 1993 Jermaine Leonard
Class of 1995 Frank Cowan Air Force/Navy
Tom Kelly Navy ROTC
Class of 1996 Carlos Capellan Army
Mike Harmon Navy
Marin Dragojevic Navy
Keith Schoales
Class of 1997 Mike LaValle Army
Dan Sullivan
Michael Toth
Class of 1998 Mike Zanetti
Class of 1999 Ben Klay
Patrick Shaw
Class of 2000 Frank Parisi
Class of 2001 Phil Klay Marine Corps
Daniel Socci Marine Corps
Class of 2002 Mike Conway
Stephen Deere
Class of 2004 Daniel Rios Navy
Michael Jordan Air Force
Class of 2005 Matthew Guido Marine Corps
Michael Wolff Navy
Class of 2007 Cris Espinal
Michael Orzetti Marine Corps
Michal Poplawski Army
Class of 2008 Patrick Coughlin Army
Class of 2009 Anthony Finch
Daniel Ramirez Army
Class of 2012 Max Umland
Class of 2014 Harry Aquino Air Force
Maxwell Dopsch Navy
Class of 2016 Max Morreale
Charles O'Brien

Posted: 11/10/18