Century Old Regis Classrooms Now on Cutting Edge of Technology
This academic year, the soon-to-be 100 year old classrooms of Regis High School will showcase some of the latest and most innovative technology tools available in the world of education. Tablet laptop computers, Apple TV digital receivers, and an infrastructure that supports the latest innovations in wireless technology highlight the completion of a busy summer of classroom upgrades.

"The new wireless classrooms will allow our faculty to break away from the traditional teaching model of standing with their backs to the students while writing on chalkboard," says Joseph Amatrucola, Director of Information Technology and Chair of the Computer Science Department at Regis. "Our teachers can now turn around and face students while they simultaneously write notes that are displayed on a screen, allowing them to engage students directly during lectures and classroom exercises."

To accomplish this, Regis faculty will now replace their chalk and dry-erase markers with wireless tablet laptops. Notes taken on the tablet using fingertips or stylus pens will be displayed and updated in real time on projections in the front of the classroom through wireless Apple TV digital receivers. The connection is quick and intuitive, as the digital receivers are fully compatible with windows-based computers, tablets, iPads, and iPhones.

What makes this approach unique is the ability to send the tablet image wirelessly. The wireless capability maximizes a teacher’s opportunity to engage students, both in presentation and in demonstration. "Few schools have transitioned to convertible tablet computers, and those that have still have devices tethered to a wire or a podium," added Amatrucola. "We have eliminated that constraint."

While the installation of wireless technology in the classrooms is expected to have an immediate impact on teaching capabilities, it also creates a foundation for even greater opportunities within the learning environment at Regis. Mary Katherine Sheena, a member of the Regis Theology Department, has already utilized interactive technology within her Face to Faith senior elective (READ MORE: Students Participate in Face to Faith Video Conference). Dr. Ralph Nofi used similar technology to create a virtual learning environment for a senior elective (READ MORE: Educating in a Virtual Learning Environment).

"As our teachers and students continue to explore and push the boundaries of technology-enabled learning," Amatrucola adds, "I see great accomplishments and possibilities in our future."

Posted: 8/2/13