With Thanks to Our Departing
Faculty & Staff

This year’s departing faculty and staff leave their mark on Regis after 165 years of combined service.

peelanPat Peelen P'81  |  Main Office Coordinator, 36 years
Beginning as a parent volunteer when her son started Regis, then moving to a part-time position later in 1980, and finally moving to full-time employment in 1986, Pat Peelen P’81 concluded her 36-year career this spring as Main Office Coordinator for the Office of the Principal. Always with a selfless commitment to the school, Pat kept a busy office running smoothly and for that Regis will be forever indebted.

vodeMichael Vode  |  English, 35 years
"I learned so many things from Michael Vode about how to interpret literature, how to know it and feel it. But perhaps what is most valuable in what I learned is how to have a relationship to the word, to language itself, that is life-giving and deeply affirming. I came to love poetry in my time as his student. I know that why I did was that I learned from him that language is a gateway to the spirit, that there is something profoundly transformative and transfiguring in words that have been put together patiently and deliberately in an attempt to make art. And art, I also learned from him, is as powerful a world-maker as any political entity. One finds the truest possible freedom in the encounter with art and in the attempt to make it oneself. The gifts he brings—empathy, patience, insight, eloquence, understanding—are the most valuable anyone can offer another person. Had I not come under the spell of poems, I would never have known the great joy of my life. I thank him for making so much possible, for his friendship, and for his beautiful heart."
—Matt Thomas '93

hannonTom Hannon '76  |  Theology, 34 years
“Mr. Hannon '76, at once gentle and commanding, created a wonderful environment in which to work, and I carry lessons and techniques from his classes with me to this day. Our biblical exegeses provided me with the ability and strength to question, question, and question again, and the breath work we did together over twenty years ago provided a solid foundation for my acting training over the next decade. I often revisit the protracted inhalations and exhalations from our floorwork when I've found my breath holding, in rehearsal/performance, and also in my daily life. Regis was made better because of his presence.”
—Justin Yorio '94

contiAnthony Conti  |  Theology, 31 years
“I always enjoyed Mr. Conti’s urbane approach to religion, open discussions, undogmatic approach to Catholicism and Christianity in general, which I found only drew and draws me to Catholicism all the more. His classes were very important parts of my Regis education. I always looked forward to them. I have of late returned to yoga a bit too, bringing up fond memories of his 8:00 a.m. yoga classes on the 2nd floor. Mostly, I enjoyed his understated humor, even keeled approach to teaching, and a calmness that did nothing to mask how seriously he took teaching.” —Giles Kavanagh '89

buggyJim Buggy  |  Vice President for Development, 13 years
For thirteen years—and including two successful capital campaigns—Jim Buggy led the The Office of Development and its fundraising efforts. His work helped elevate the profile of Regis and prepare the school for new generations. Well over $100 million was raised in annual, capital, and planned giving during his tenure. He leaves Regis having overseen the most successful Annual Fund Campaign on record.


From left to right: Donna Davis, Mathematics (8 years); Fernando Gomez-Herrero, Language (3 years); Joshua Travatello, Information Technology (3 years); David Cieremans '11, Alumnus Mentor (1 year); Giancarlo Milea '11, Alumnus Mentor (1 year)

Posted: 8/12/16