Regis Repertory Thrills Audiences With Hitchcock Classic


dailm07This spring, the Regis Repertory produced a claustrophobic and riveting performance of the psychological thriller Dial M For Murder, wowing audiences for three straight nights. The impressive cast of student performers included Nicholas Catapano '16 as Tony Wendice, Aisling McDonagh (Marymount '16) as Margot Wendice, Jalen Ellis '19 as Max Halladay, Nicolas Ortiz ’16 as Captain Lesgate/C.A. Swann, and J.D. Calvelli '17 as Inspector Hubbard. Tim Haddad '16 served as Stage Manager.

"The students were so incredibly focused and dedicated to the production," said Ms. Gena Reisig, who produced the show. "Nick Catapano has been in the production for the last four years, and this was absolutely his best work to date. He and Nic Ortiz took on leadership roles, helping to bring new-comers Jalen Ellis and J.D. Calvelli into the Regis Rep fold. My favorite part about this show specifically was watching the students bring their blocking to the set. The set was incredible—the details, down to a fireplace with a fake fire, helped bring the audience into the scenes. Once the cast got on the stage, it was magical—they made the dialogue come to life and brought the thrill of Dial M to a new generation of fans."

Reisig also spoke of the show's unique challenges. "It's a suspense story where the audience knows 'whodunit.' We watch as the villain tries to have his own wife convicted for a murder that we know he planned. The difficulty for us with this show was how to light the set so that we could convey the feeling of suspense and darkness at times, but without making the audience feel like they were literally in the dark. Similarly, we needed to find a way to bring other characters into the scenes who were calling or talking from different locations (not the main stage). We were able to utilize the balcony space on either side of the stage, and it worked out really well."

The cast proved to have great chemistry and showcased an ability to work well together from the start. Mr. Andre Anselme, who served as the show's director, worked tirelessly with the student performers over two breaks (February break and Spring break), guiding them through the complicated scenes while also giving them room to develop their characters independently.

Additional support for the production came from Mr. Jim Langan, a professional set designer, who worked with Regis Stage Crew to construct a life-like apartment on the set. Ms. Karin Miller-Lewis, co-chair of the Regis Fine Arts Department, also led a group of budding costumers through thrift shops in order to dress the cast in period-attire.







Posted: 5/31/16