Celebrating Generous Lives:
In Your Own Words


Help us showcase our Generous Lives! Submit a short description of your honoree to communications@regis.org. Below is a small sampling of recent submissions.

"My grandfather, John T. Landers, shared his faith as though playing a trumpet. His actions, words and wisdom served as the notes that made up the symphony that was his life. A loving father, a diligent lawyer, and a devoted husband, he was a true “man for others."
— Thomas White '10

"Dr. Bill Carew, Biology teacher at Regis, is an incredible human being. He lives with a constant desire to help and please others, and his ever-pleasant demeanor brightens the days of everyone with whom he interacts. He is determined to help his students understand concepts and make full use of the information they have learned. Dr. Carew's sterling character and generosity is most certainly an invaluable component of Regis High School. I am so grateful to have had him for Biology as a freshman."
— Aidan Woutas '16

"My sophomore year home room advisor, Herbert Ryan, S.J., is a generous life worth remembering. As our Kaopectate armed Latin and English faculty, through methods humorous, quirky, encouraging, and inspirational, he turned at least one Regian from an uncertain, self-doubting individual to one who could complete Regis. Beyond that, our 2B advisement group dominated intramural sports, and almost every other competition within the school, including chances sold for the annual fundraising card party. He, along with Fr. Duffy, were major influences that contributed greatly to the success of more than one graduate in 1961."
— Richard Mulvaney '61

"I would like to say a few words in honor of Jack and Linda Bergen, who are exemplary Generous Lives. Jack is my wife’s older brother and Linda is his wife. Throughout our marriage, they have given most generously and always with humility, without bringing attention to themselves. They do so in a Christian spirit that I have always admired and strived to emulate. I wish to honor and thank them for all they do."
— Louis Mazzullo '67

Posted: 2/9/16