David Capiola ’93 Talks Sports Medicine with Regis Soccer Teams


On September 2, Dr. David Capiola '93 spent an afternoon at Regis with the Junior Varsity and Varsity soccer teams. An accomplished orthopedic surgeon, Capiola's visit focused on discussing muscle strength, conditioning, and injury prevention and treatment with student-athletes.

"The experience was completely unique, and it was wonderful to come back to speak with Regians," said Capiola. "From the freshmen to the seniors, they asked lots of great questions and showcased the interest and curiosity you might expect from Regians."

Regis Soccer is close to Capiola’s heart. As a student, he played soccer at Regis all four years, and served as the Varsity team captain during his junior and senior seasons. As a senior, he helped lead Regis to a 16-0-1 record and earn the Fall 1992 Archdiocese championship.

capiola_02Capiola credits his experiences at Regis in part for helping him develop and pursue his career interests.

"At Regis, I was always interested in the sciences and medicine. I have fond memories of SRP [Science Research Project]. Teachers like Mrs. Hannon and Mrs. Walsh were so inspiring, they really sparked my interest in science."

"I can also still remember Mr. Donodeo demonstrating stretches in PhysEd class," added Capiola. "They were simple lessons, but important ones, and ones that are still important today for any athlete looking to minimize risk of injury."

(Pictured: Dr. David Capiola '93 answering student questions during his visit on September 2)

During his senior year's third trimester at Regis, Capiola chose to volunteer at White Plains Hospital for his Christian Service site, and while there he also had the opportunity to serve as an intern for the hospital staff.

"That opportunity really sparked my curiosity in medicine," said Capiola. "I sat with doctors, helped with patient transports, and got on overall sense of how the emergency room operated."

After Regis, Capiola received his undergraduate degree from Harvard University and attended Georgetown University for medical school. During a post-residency fellowship, he had the opportunity to work as part of the staff of physicians assisting the Boston Celtics. In 2009, he moved back to New York and has since been a part of Orthopedic Specialists of Greater New York in Manhattan.

Beyond medical advice, Capiola had some personal advice for the Regians he spoke with.

"Regis is an amazing place. It taught me the importance of helping others, and it's important to know that you can carry that with you no matter what career you pursue."

"I love what I do," added Capiola. "I love seeing patients and working with them, helping them and their quality of life. Medicine is a great field. But do what you love. Follow your goals and dreams. And never forget that it’s a privilege to help other people."

Posted: 9/14/15