CBS Sunday Morning Profiles Dr. Anthony Fauci '58, America's Point Man on Infectious Diseases


On Easter Sunday, the nationally broadcast CBS Sunday Morning news program aired a profile of Dr. Anthony Fauci '58.

Dr. Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, sat down with NPR's Scott Simon, a contributor to the program, to discuss his 31 years at the NIH and how he has worked to rally the government when sickness becomes a public health crisis.

Fauci_Sweatshirt(Pictured: Dr. Anthony Fauci at home with his wife, Christine, sporting a Regis hooded sweatshirt.)

Included in the interview is a clip of George H. W. Bush referring to Dr. Fauci as his hero during a 1988 Presidential debate.

"I think of Dr. Fauci. Probably never heard of him. You did, Ann [Compton of ABC News] heard of him," said Bush. "He's a very fine researcher, top doctor, at the National Institutes of Health, working hard doing something about research on this disease of AIDS."

The news piece also included a short clip with Dr. Fauci at home where his wife, Christine, prominently showcased a Regis hooded sweatshirt as she described the way her husband responds to public fears in the face of infectious diseases.

"I think one of the amazing things about him is that he's able to take some terrible things that've happened in the world and make them not only understandable to people, but make people feel like it's okay, we can get through this."

For a full transcript of the interview with Dr. Fauci, visit the CBS Sunday Morning Website:
Meet America's Point Man on Infectious Diseases | CBS News Sunday Morning, April 5, 2015

Posted: 4/7/15