Annual Festival of Arts Showcases a Variety of Student Talent
arts_05The 2014 Regis Festival of Arts formally began on Thursday, May 1 and, for the ensuing 3 days, displayed a variety of student artistic talents for the Regis community to enjoy.

The Festival of the Arts first began in 2001 under the direction of former Principal Fr. Vin Biagi, S.J., retired art history teacher Ms. Hilda O'Connell, former art teacher Ms. PK Steers, and current faculty member Mr. Jim Phillips. It serves as a celebration of the work and talents of the Regis student body. The Festival provides a performance stage and creates a sprawling art gallery for students who are not always able to express their creative voice in other clubs or activities at Regis. In the early years of the festival, Mr. John Loose presented films from a senior film-making elective. In recent years, the festival takes place during The Regis Repertory’s spring drama or the Spring Jazz Concert. The Festival is currently co-managed by Ms. Robyn Prezioso and Mr. Jim Phillips.

(Pictured: one of the many paintings in Festival of Arts gallery on display throughout the first floor)

The works shown in the gallery are created by Freshmen in Studio Art, Juniors in Eastern Art, and Seniors who participate in a Studio Art elective. The music performances showcased are pieces created by students with the assistance of Mr. Phillips.

This year, over 50 pieces of original art were on display. The types of art included charcoal, pastel, painting, and sculpture. Approximately 20 musical performances were also presented, including classical, jazz, and popular music pieces.

"I feel this event is important because it shows a creative side of Regis students that is not always seen," said Robyn Prezioso, now in her ninth year assisting with the Festival.

"Art and Music are a very important part of the intellectual learning process and a significant part of the Ignatian mission of teaching the whole person. Many of the students featured in the show never thought they could draw or paint, or have not been given the opportunity until now to express themselves creatively. The students who perform musically love to be able to arrange their own music and perform the music that really speaks to them."

Prezioso added, "Every year I am so very proud of our student accomplishments in art and music. It fills me up so much to see their faces light up when they see their work framed for display. The support they show one another when performing is inspirational."










Performance pieces included:

Handel, Alla Hornpipe (Paul Elizalde and Tom Noone); New York, New York (Chris Castaldi-Moller); Acoustic Experience, Heartless( Joseph Nacion); Ordinary People (Patrick Ndukwe); Opus #3 (John Dall’aglio), Let Her Go (original piano piece by Joel James and Vinny Thompson); Good Riddance (Dan Lysak); At Last (Desire Hinkson); Home (Shane Ceniza); Human (Charlotte Albunio and Victoria Musalli); Paul Creston, Sonata I and II (John McGahay); You've Got a Friend in Me (Ariel Sanchez and Zeana Llamas); 100 Years (Owen Doherty); Blue Skies (Tom Noone and Paul Elizalde); Counting Stars (Conor Gilroy); Juggling (Michael Robertson);  All of Me (Jimmy Post); They Were You (Chiara Mannarino and Mike Sullivan); Bring Him Home ( T.J. Li); Blues Brothers Tribute (Anthony and John Griffin ‘14); Take the A Train (Regis Jazz Band); Cute (Regis Jazz Band); Sing Sing Sing (Regis Jazz Band).

Posted: 5/8/14