Carmelo Anthony Stops By Regis
In many ways, the people in and around the hallways of Regis on September 29th were no different than on any ordinary Saturday. There were students participating in a Hearn Tournament, studious 8th graders filling REACH Program classrooms, and department faculty busy gearing up for an upcoming Parents Back-To-School night.

But there was one uncommon presence: 6ft 8in, 5-time NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony. The standout Small Forward for the New York Knicks was on location in the Chemistry Laboratory to shoot a video for an upcoming vitamin commercial. Before leaving Regis, Anthony, a 2012 Gold Medalist at the London Olympic Games, graciously posed for photos, spoke with a few students, and left an autographed basketball behind in the Chemistry Lab as a "thank you" to the Science department.

Pictured: Carmelo Anthony busy at work in the Regis Chemistry Lab

Watch the Video:

Posted: 9/29/12