Regis Juniors Connect With Alumni for Career Day

Regis juniors on Tuesday attended our annual Career Day, which offered them the opportunity to speak with alumni working in a range of industries. Nineteen alumni returned to 84th Street to serve on panels and answer questions. 

Chris Mignano ’17, a lead engineer for the aerospace engineering firm Inoveering, opened the event with a keynote address on the importance of being open to new opportunities and using the foundations of gratitude and generosity to guide your passions.

“If you take anything away from this talk, it should be this: Make the most of your time, find your reasons why, build up a strong network, and always remember to give thanks and to give back,” said Mignano. “Over my professional life, this is what has brought me the most success.” 

During his time at Inoveering, Mignano helped develop a summer program for high school students to gain experience in the aerospace engineering field. Several Regis students have participated in the program in recent years.

From left: Dr. Chris Bandera '06, Dr. Michael Spinelli '95, Dr. Dave Capiola '93, and Dr. Carl Crawford '92 speaking with students on the healthcare panel

From left: Mr. Xavier Simon '05, Darnell Weir '98, and Gregory Chin '14 speaking on the education panel

From left: Adam Bermudez '01, Jack McCullough '71, and Col. (R) Patrick Mahaney '83 speaking on the politics and public service panel

See the full list of panelists and their respective industries below. 

Arts and Entertainment
Andrew Bogusch ’98
Brennan Carley ’09

Darnell Weir ’98
Xavier Simon ’05
Gregory Chin ’14

Anthony Manganiello ’02
John Murray ’12

Rich Morgner ’88
Egidio DiBenedetto ’08 

Carl Crawford ’92
Dave Capiola ’93
Michael Spinelli ’95
Chris Bandera ’06

Matthew Dowd ’89
Charlie Allen ’04

Politics and Public Service
John McCullough ’71
Col. (R) Patrick Mahaney ’83
Adam Bermudez ’01

Tech and Entrepreneurship
Ben Singleton ’09 
Chris Mignano ’17 (keynote speaker)

Posted: 1/31/24