Michael Cameron ’24 Publishes Research Paper in History Journal

A research paper written by Michael Cameron ’24 was published in the winter 2023 edition of The Concord Review, a quarterly journal that features history research papers by high school students. Cameron’s paper, written during his junior year, focused on the Treaty of Trianon that ended World War I with the Kingdom of Hungary and cost it about two-thirds of its land. In the paper, Cameron describes the rise of Hungarian nationalism caused by the treaty, as well as the resulting diaspora.

As part of the junior history curriculum, students spend much of the year researching and writing a substantial research paper on the topic of their choosing. Cameron was inspired to write about the treaty as a Hungarian-American who wanted to better understand his heritage. Michael’s junior history teacher, Ms. Gena Reisig, encouraged him to expand the paper he wrote and submit it to The Concord Review.

“Writing for The Concord Review taught me the value of pursuing a project based on passion,” said Cameron. “Since I felt a personal connection to my topic of research, I was committed to making the project worthwhile, which is why I readily accepted the invitation from Ms. Reisig to submit my paper for publication.” 

Since its founding in 1987, The Concord Review has published papers by students from 48 different countries. The journal only publishes about 6 percent of the papers that are submitted each quarter.

“Michael’s incredibly hard work and intensive research are being recognized internationally, which is very exciting,” said Ms. Reisig. “It inspires our students and gets them focused on the idea that their work can be more meaningful than just writing a paper for their history class.”

Posted: 12/13/23