History Teacher Mr. Andre Anselme Inducted Into CHSAA Hall of Fame
Mr. Anselme was joined by his wife and daughter as he was inducted into the CHSAA Hall of Fame

At an athletic banquet held earlier this May, Mr. Andre Anselme was inducted into the Catholic High School Athletic Association (CHSAA) Hall of Fame, an honor bestowed in recognition of his many decades of coaching and leadership. Mr. Anselme, currently a teacher in the History Department whose service to Regis spans 38 years, can now count himself among the most experienced and decorated coaches and administrators in the United States’ largest Catholic high school athletic league. 

Upon graduating from St. Francis College, Mr. Anselme coached baseball and basketball at Power Memorial Academy, a now-closed all-boys Catholic high school located in Manhattan. He later moved on to coach both sports at St. Raymond’s in the Bronx, where long-serving Regis physical education teacher Mr. Kevin Cullen would eventually play for his JV Basketball team. 

Recent graduates likely know Mr. Anselme for his pedagogical mastery and effortless command of U.S. History. But after joining the faculty in 1984, Mr. Anselme spent over a decade steeped in the Regis athletic community. For fifteen years, he was Regis’ Athletic Director, simultaneously serving as Basketball Chair for the NYCHSAA. Students invariably attest to the vigor and enthusiasm Mr. Anselme brings to the History classroom, his passion and pedagogy most certainly inherited from a long coaching tenure.

“When I was nominated for induction, it was somewhat overwhelming when you consider the many famous names that are members,” Mr. Anselme said, commenting on the recent honor. “As I said in my acceptance speech, I do not believe that I would have lasted as a teacher without the companion athletic experience. I am very proud that Regis is proof positive that a competitive athletic program can be had while maintaining our demanding academic standards.”

Posted: 7/19/22