Regis Community “Braves the Shave" To Support Childhood Cancer Research

On Thursday, January 20, students, faculty, and staff “braved the shave” for the 12th Annual St. Baldrick’s Day. Held virtually last year, the event brought the Regis community together in the auditorium to shave their heads and stand in solidarity with children impacted by cancer.

First conceptualized in 1999, The St. Baldrick's Foundation is a volunteer-driven charity focused on funding the research needed to cure childhood cancers and ensure these survivors can continue to live healthy lives. Around the world, roughly 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer annually, and in the United States, children die of cancer more than any other disease. As hair loss is a common side effect of cancer treatment, becoming a “shavee” offers one way of showing support for those suffering with the disease, and stands as a way of inspiring others to fund and support ongoing research.

St. Baldrick’s Day at Regis is sponsored by Catalyst, Regis’ Christian Service Club, and this year’s event was organized by Sebastian Cardena ’22, who has voluntarily shaved his head annually since his Freshman year. Heading into Thursday, the school community successfully raised close to $24,000 for childhood cancer research, and donations can continue to be made towards Regis’ goals here. Those who “braved the shave,” which included the entire Varsity Baseball team, were met with wide praise, and helped to spread continued awareness about the effects of childhood cancer.

Please see below for photos from the day’s event:

Posted: 1/21/22