Regis Celebrates Community Day of Gratitude
Members of the Regis community convened for an opening webinar to begin the  Community Day of Gratitude.

On Friday, April 30, the Regis community gathered to celebrate a Community Day of Gratitude. Each year this day is set aside for the annual Regis Walkathon alongside Dominican Academy, but the event was unfortunately canceled due to ongoing challenges brought on by the pandemic. However, in the spirit of maintaining the tradition, students, faculty, and staff met over Zoom to reflect on the importance of the Regis community in shaping their lives and commemorate the gifts bestowed upon them to share with the larger world.

Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors began the day with an opening webinar, where they were called to see their greater purpose in the world and consider how they can use their talents to impact the lives of others for the better. Following the webinar, students were invited to participate in a series of community events organized by fellow students, alumni, and staff to more broadly appreciate each others’ interests and passions, with topics varying from Bitcoin investing, Formula 1 racing, Star Wars, and venture capital. The day concluded with a live streamed parkour competition in the Regis auditorium, with members of each class navigating an obstacle course to win a free Grub Day for their entire grade.

In the spirit of Bear Mountain Day, which was also unfortunately cancelled this year, Seniors took part in a field day at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception in Huntington on Long Island. After barbecue and games, the annual Senior vs Faculty Softball game kicked off, with the senior class looking to end the faculty’s three-year winning streak. With a dramatic two-run home run at the end of the game by Director of Athletics Salvatore Annunziata, the faculty emerged victorious, beating the seniors 7-6.

“Today we are called to be grateful. We are called to be grateful for all the generosity that surrounds us. Grateful to be Regians and to have one another as friends and as classmates. Grateful for the opportunity to be a member of this special community,” said Vice President for Development James Kennedy ’02, who delivered today’s opening remarks. “If you want to be more generous, you can start by being grateful, and as you become more grateful I strongly believe, I have faith, that you will be inspired to be more generous. That is our dream for you, that as Regians you will take your gifts and share them generously with one another, and with the world around us.”

Alex O’Donnell ’22 also spoke in the morning webinar to discuss gratitude as he’s seen and experienced it. “You only need to spend a few hours at Regis and on 85th Street to see this special culture,” said O’Donnell, who shared how thankful he is for those working each and every day to make his life in high school what it is. “Regis faculty bring it all to make this special experience. Regis is a really special place, and we are, and should be, endlessly grateful for that.”

A selection of photos from today’s events can be found below.

Director of Ventures at the National Veterinary Associates Rob Maher '08 led a discussion on venture capital for Regis students.

Students tuned in to watch the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix, one of the most exciting races in Formula 1 history.

Ms. Kara Papp shared her love of Greek art with several Regians, leading a virtual tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Mr. Greg Hills '03, a senior analyst at Twitter, shared advice on Bitcoin and the stock market from his experience investing in cryptocurrency. 

Seniors relaxed on the lawn during their field day at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception. 

Mr. Ed Dee and Mr. Christopher Febles paused practice for a picture before the Senior vs. Faculty softball game. 

Posted: 5/5/21