Regis Commemorates Easter Season With Schoolwide Liturgy

On Monday, April 12, the Regis community marked its return from Easter Recess with a schoolwide liturgy honoring the season. Conducted virtually, students, faculty, and staff gathered in prayer to reflect on this time of rebirth and joy, formally celebrating Christ’s death and resurrection. 

As classes were conducted remotely the week following the holiday break, Monday’s Mass was broadcast live via a Zoom webinar from the Chapel of the Sacred Heart for the entire community, with members of the Class of 2021 invited to attend in-person at a safe distance. Fr. Arthur C. Bender, SJ, ’67, was the main celebrant, and was joined on the altar by Fr. Anthony D. Andreassi, CO. Jeremiah Alonso ’23 and Michael Scalzo ’24 participated in the Mass as readers, and Matthew Potter ’22 offered petitions. 

“We are confronted with a culture that seems increasingly less open to the values that we as Christians are called to profess,” Fr. Bender said during his homily. “To be faithful to one’s beliefs in the face of opposition can and does require a special courage. Please pray for the courage to truly live the values that we as Christians have promised fidelity to, that we may be the kind of people, the kind of Christians, that the Lord is calling each of us to be.”

At the conclusion of the Mass, Interim President Christian Talbot ’93 addressed the community in his first formal remarks in front of faculty, staff, and students.

“For the last 32 years, there have only been 4 years when I have not commuted regularly to Regis, either as a student, a teacher, or more recently as a trustee,” Talbot said. “I mention those data points because it’s a reflection of the fact that this place has formed me like nothing else in my life, and the reason I keep coming back to this place is because of you. I cannot think of anything more worthy than learning and working with mission-driven people to bring the Gospels to life.”

Posted: 4/20/21