Regis Musicians Debut Holiday Album A Very Quarantine Christmas

While every area of school life has done its best to adapt to the ongoing pandemic, music at Regis has been forced to change in unique ways. Though two musicians have not played instruments together in the same room for over eight months, students have demonstrated incredible creativity to keep such an important community experience alive.

In a first-of-its-kind collection, Regis’ Music program proudly debuted A Very Quarantine Christmas, a 2020 holiday album. “Every sound on this album was recorded by a Regis musician in his home and then mixed together to produce the final product," said Regis Music Director Mr. Joseph Vanderpool. “It was a privilege to briefly create some semblance of normalcy in these anything-but-normal times."

The entire album, which includes gospel, jazz, classical, and holiday music, can be accessed here. A selection of pieces from the album were presented in a webinar, found below, on Wednesday, December 23, as well as commentary from Mr. Vanderpool and Regis musicians about how the album was developed remotely.

Posted: 1/5/21