Alumni Share Work Advice With Seniors at Career Day
Drs. Christopher Bandera ’06, Evin McCabe ’93, Joseph Mannino ’83, and Gerardo Vitiello ’06 answered student questions on careers in medicine. 

On Wednesday, October 7, Regis hosted its annual Career Day for the senior class. Conducted virtually this year, alumni from diverse fields spoke with students about the kinds of work they are doing and the different career opportunities available to them.

The event kicked off with a keynote address by Vijay Culas ’91, Founder and CEO of Matthews South and former member of the Regis Board of Trustees. “Your career is only just a choice in how you want to spend your time,” said Culas in his opening remarks. “Your career is the single biggest allocation of your time as an adult, and you want to spend time doing the things that interest you and prioritize that.”

After the address, seniors broke out into two panel discussions with alumni from different industries. Panels on entertainment, entrepreneurship, finance, law, medicine, public service, and technology were offered to students, who were given the opportunity to attend the panels that most aligned with their career interests.

“Our Annual Senior-Alumni Career Day provides such a great opportunity for current students to hear from our accomplished alumni across different fields,” said Vice President for Development Mr. James L. Kennedy ’02. “I’m deeply grateful to our alumni for being so generous with their time and input, and I know the seniors benefit from these conversations, especially as they discern their college and career paths.”

The Development Office and the Class of 2021 thank the following alumni panelists for their continued service to Regis and the valuable insights they shared with our seniors:

Entertainment Jaime Davila ’03 Edward Gamarra, Jr. ’90 Brian Wiles ’04 Brian Manning ’94

Entrepreneurship Michael Botta ’02 Thomas Jaklitsch ’13 Alexander Patterson ’99 Evan Rose ’05

Finance Vijay Culas ’91 John D'Agostino ’93 Paul Quinlan ’95

Law Richard Harris, II ’11 Vincent Indelicato ’99 Juan Maldonado ’03 Raphael Russo ’85

Medicine Dr. Christopher Bandera ’06 Dr. Evin McCabe ’93 Dr. Joseph Mannino ’83 Dr. Gerardo Vitiello ’06

Public Service Alexander Blenkinsopp ’01 Jaime Cobham ’13 Christopher Elms ’02 Patrick Shaw ’99

Technology Will Pryor ’05 Ramon Tuascon ’13 John Weaver ’88

Vijay Culas ’91 gave the keynote address to Regis seniors on the importance of finding work you are passionate about. 

William Pryor ’05 shared with seniors his experiences with developing drone technologies and geospatial AI He, Ramon Tuascon ’13, and John Weaver ’88 led the careers in technology panel.

Posted: 10/7/20