Alumni Psychologists Lead Webinar on Impact of COVID-19 on Young Adults
Two Regis alumni lent their expertise to the community Wednesday, September 30, leading a virtual event exploring the impact COVID-19 is having on young adults. Open to current Regis parents and alumni parents with college-aged Regians, the event focused on how youth are processing the abrupt changes to their current and future plans, and how parents and schools can best support their children during times of uncertainty.

Dr. Frank Golom '00, Associate Professor of Applied Psychology at Loyola University Maryland, and Dr. Gabriel Velez '03, Assistant Professor and Developmental Psychologist at Marquette University, spoke with over 150 participants as part of a Zoom webinar. Discussing the recent findings of a Marquette University study, the two highlighted the valid concerns students and young adults are posing about the coronavirus, and shared tools and strategies for managing the high levels of anxiety that have become common for many. The hour-long webinar was moderated by Regis’ Clinical Psychologist Dr. Ralph Nofi and concluded with a live Q&A from parents, who submitted their questions virtually.

The Regis administration and Regis parents are so thankful to Dr. Golom and Dr. Velez for their kindness, generosity, and service!

You can watch a full recording of the webinar below:

Posted: 10/6/20