Fr. Rizzo Named the Next President of Scranton Prep

On Thursday, May 15, Scranton Preparatory School announced that its Board of Trustees had elected Fr. A.J. Rizzo, SJ, to serve as its next president. Fr. Rizzo, the Director of Mission and Identity at Regis, will begin his tenure at Scranton Prep on July 1, 2021. He will continue to serve in his current role through the end of the 2020-21 academic year.

"I’ve been delighted to have Fr. Rizzo with us these last two years, and I look forward to having here for one more year," Regis President Fr. Daniel K. Lahart, SJ, said. "While at Regis, he has both been a strong contributor to the community, and has also learned a great deal from the outstanding individuals here. I am certain he will do a wonderful job at Scranton Prep, a place I also worked at in the late 80s and love very much."

The Regis community will miss Fr. Rizzo, who has positively impacted so many students, faculty and staff members, and parents, when he leaves the school in a year.

Congratulations, Fr. Rizzo!


Posted: 5/21/20