Students Go Wild for Regis Philbin

Above: John Raslowsky '14, Regis Philbin, Jack Lubin '14, and Max Dopsch '14 chat briefly before taping a Regis vs. Regis quiz show on the Crowd Goes Wild set.


Last month, a group of Regis seniors were given the unique opportunity to meet Regis Philbin. The opportunity came after Philbin invited Regis students to be part of a live studio audience during a taping of Crowd Goes Wild, Philbin's new Fox Sports talk show. A handful of Regis alumni and staff members were also in attendance.

Throughout breaks in the show's taping, Philbin chatted with students and discussed the season outlook for sports teams at the high school. During a Q&A segment of the show titled "AARP: Ask Anything Regis Philbin", Philbin whipped out a Regis High School baseball hat and wore it proudly as he responded to questions tweeted by fans. Watch the clip of Regis Philbin wearing the Regis baseball hat below.



When the live show concluded, Philbin and his staff taped a lighthearted "Regis vs. Regis" quiz game. The game consisted of three Regis students answering sports trivia from Philbin's youth, while Philbin was forced to answer current pop culture questions. The webisode is expected to be available on the Fox Sports website in the near future.

"It was certainly a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience to be up there on the set with Regis," said John Raslowsky '14, one of the three Regis seniors who participated in the quiz show with Philbin. "He was very welcoming and made it real easy for us to relax on camera."

Philbin, a Bronx native and graduate of Cardinal Hayes High School, has been hosting popular television shows since the 1960's. He currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most time spent in front of a television camera.

During the debut of Crowd Goes Wild, which began airing live in August 2013, Philbin made a reference to Regis High School, recalling that his father named him after the school. That on-air reference triggered the idea of inviting a group of current students to the studio. Tickets to the show were provided for free by

This wasn't the first time Philbin has talked about Regis High School on television. There is archived footage of Philbin discussing the high school as far back as 1997 during an episode of Live! With Regis & Kathy Lee. In that episode, Philbin and Gifford highlight recent successes of the Regis varisty track team, and go on to mention the great christian service work performed by Regis students throughout the city. During the discussion, Philbin jokes, "I'm the only person in America named after a high school." Watch the clip from Live! With Regis & Kathy Lee below.




Above: Philbin wearing a Regis High School baseball hat during a segment of Crowd Goes Wild where he responds to questions tweeted from fans.


Above: Philbin poses for a photo with students after the live taping of Crowd Goes Wild.


Above: Students enjoying front row seats during the live show.


Above: After the conclusion of the show, Philbin took time to greet students, and even posed for a few "selfies" with Danny Reid '14 (left) and Jack Lubin '14 (right).



Above: Philbin, holding a Regis High School baseball hat, poses for a photo with the Regis alumni and staff in attendance.

Posted: 11/14/13