Regis Celebrates Annual International Week

Regis this week celebrated its annual International Week with special activities and events during community time and after school. With students off from school tomorrow, the week culminated today with a "Wear Your Culture on Your Sleeve" grub day and a food festival in the cafeteria.

Building upon last year's efforts, the leaders of school's cultural clubs collaborated with Director of Belonging, Dignity, and Justice Ms. Belkise Dallam to plan the week's slate of events.

Students heard morning prayers in a different language each day, and daily Kahoot games during lunch periods allowed students to test their linguistic and geographic knowledge.

Also today, Regis's cultural clubs hosted students, faculty, and staff for presentations and traditional cuisine in classrooms on the fourth floor. Meanwhile, Dr. Marta Baldassarri's Principles of Engineering senior elective got into the spirit by testing the weight-bearing and bending abilities of spaghetti.

Posted: 3/21/24