Students Hit the Streets for the 2023 Walkathon

Students from Regis and Dominican Academy hit the streets of the Upper East Side on Friday for the 2023 Walkathon.

The Walkathon is a student government-run initiative meant to strengthen the school community and encourage Regians to reflect on the generosity that has kept Regis tuition-free since its founding. It’s the one time each year students are asked to fundraise for Regis, and they share the story of the school with neighbors, parishioners, and family members as they seek donations. Through Friday morning, Regis students had raised over $14,000.

After the walk, students from Regis and Dominican Academy returned to 84th Street for a variety of activities including video games, board games, and basketball. A Coffeehouse in the auditorium allowed students from both schools to perform in front of their peers.

The day culminated with a barbeque in the Quad, where students ate burgers and watched as some of their favorite teachers perched nervously on the edge of a dunk-tank seat.

Students brought back the Walkathon in 2019 after a long hiatus, but because of COVID, it was paused again until last year — when rain disrupted all but the indoor activities at Regis. But the sunny weather Friday provided a perfect setting for a day of school spirit.

Said Student Government Director of Communications Dean Minello ‘23: “Today we saw Regis and D.A. unite to celebrate the blessings their educations have provided them. The Regis spirit and connection to the mission are very much alive."

Posted: 5/5/23