Cultural Heritage Celebrated During International Week

This week, Regis was proud to celebrate its community’s diversity of cultural heritage during the first International Week. In past years, the Regis community had come together to celebrate the diversity of its students, faculty, and staff on an annual International Day, but this year, the celebrations were expanded to a full week thanks to the planning of the student leaders representing the school's cultural clubs, along with Associate Director of Admissions Victor Bowman, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Belkise Dallam, and Admissions Officer Mary Henninger.

Hesperia, Regis’s Italian heritage club, kicked off International Week on Monday by reading aloud the morning prayer in Italian for St. Joseph’s Day. Hesperia offered more activities throughout the day, ending with a potluck and card tournament after school. On Tuesday, the Asian Cultural Society read a special morning prayer, and later asked brave Regians to participate in the “Fire Noodle Challenge,” a viral trend that tests the spice tolerance of its participants. Tears were shed and noses ran that afternoon in the cafeteria.

On Wednesday, the Spanish & Latin American Cultural Society gathered for dominos and sweets with history teacher Andre Anselme. The week culminated on Thursday with a "Wear Your Culture On Your Sleeve” Grub Day, as students dressed down in national colors and culturally significant clothing.

During community time on Thursday, Regis's cultural clubs took over the fourth floor, with students going from classroom to classroom trying baked goods, listing to music, and participating in trivia contests.

Then later on Thursday, students and parent volunteers brought in dishes to the cafeteria for an international feast, allowing the community to sample foods like arroz con gandules and dalgona.

Posted: 3/23/23