Career Day Connects Students With Alumni

On Tuesday, January 31, alumni from a number of industries returned to 84th St. for Career Day. Representing careers in the arts to business, alumni had the opportunity to connect with current juniors and seniors, helping them to discern their career interests and navigate life after Regis.

Organized by the Guidance Department and Development Office, Tuesday's event began with a keynote address by Brendan McGuire '94, chief counsel to New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “For the most part, it is a real challenge, as you proceed in your professional lives, to find one thing, and one thing only, that you're able to do every day that brings you deep satisfaction and that can pay the bills," McGuire shared with the students. “For most of us, it will be something less than a vocation, but I do want to emphasize that that does not mean that a fulfilling career, a career with meaning, a career that brings you deep satisfaction, is beyond your grasp, because it absolutely is not."

Following McGuire's remarks, students broke out into two career panels according to their preferences, attending discussions with alumni in Arts & Entertainment, Business, Education, Engineering, Healthcare, Law, Politics & Public Service, and Tech & Entrepreneurship. Structured as informal conversations, the panels allowed students to ask questions they had about various fields, learning from fellow Regians valuable work and life advice to use in college and beyond.

“Career Day provides our students a unique opportunity to connect with fellow Regians and explore diverse industries, and we are glad to have been able to host this event in-person for the first time since 2019," said Alumni Engagement Coordinator Mr. John Morin '16. “Our alumni have used what they've learned on 84th St. to positively contribute to their communities and our broader world, and we are grateful to Tuesday's panelists for imparting their knowledge to the next generation of leaders."

Regis High School and the Classes of 2023 and 2024 thank the following alumni for their participation in Career Day:

Keynote Speaker: Brendan McGuire '94

Arts & Entertainment: Peter Cook '01, Shaun Leonardo '97, Brian Wiles '04

Business: Chris Hayden '16, Matt Ulloa '09

Education: Nick Marinacci '92, Rev. Thomas Massaro, SJ '79, Darnell Weir '98

Engineering: Chris Mignano '17, John Murray '12, Barry Keung '02

Healthcare: Dr. Dave Capiola '93, Dr. Evin McCabe '93, Dr. Chris Reisig '00

Law: Martin Bell '99, Andrew Darcy '02, Vin Indelicato '99

Politics & Public Service: Jeremy Faust '13, Col.(R) Patrick Mahaney '83, John Nonna '66

Tech & Entrepreneurship: Zach Garippa '08, George Sivulka '16, Jamie Stark '10

Posted: 2/1/23