Regis & Dominican Academy Join For Walkathon

On Friday, May 6, the Regis and Dominican Academy communities took part in the 2022 Walkathon. Formerly a cornerstone of the Regis experience that was revived in recent years, the event saw students, faculty, and staff come together at 84th St. in gratitude of the gift of a Catholic education. 

An annual day of gratitude, the Walkathon encourages current students to more deeply reflect on the impact that Regis has had on their lives, thank the generous donors that have made their education possible, and ‘pay it forward’ for future generations of Regians. The last Walkathon had taken place in 2010, but after learning about the spirit of the event from past yearbooks and teachers, Student Government revived the event back in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic forced a lull in the Walkathon’s resurgence for the past two year, but despite those challenges, Regians were eager to get the tradition started again.

“It was great to be a part of the planning of the Walkathon this year," said Student Government President Martin Bueno '22. “I was very happy to help bring back a tradition to my classmates that celebrates and supports the school's mission."

Leading up to May 6, Regians served as school ambassadors in their communities, introducing the unique mission of Regis with those unfamiliar with it and encouraging them to sponsor their walk. This grassroots effort spread the story of Regis to extended family members, parishioners, and friends, and all in all helped to raise over $15,000 and counting for the 2022 Annual Fund.

While the weather prevented the “walk" portion of the day to go as planned, students from both schools helped organize a variety of community building activities to keep the spirit of the event alive. The afternoon ended with the return of the dunk tank, which saw Assistant Principal for Student Life Mr. Christian Mariano '99 getting dunked by Regis advisement 1D-1 as a prize for obtaining the greatest number of sponsors.

“We’re so happy to have the walkathon back after a hiatus brought upon by the Covid pandemic," said Mariano. “At it’s core, the Regis-DA walkathon gives us all time to enjoy, as one community, the company of our friends from Regis and Dominican Academy in the spirit of gratitude for the experiences that enrich our lives. And while we may have not walked this year because of the rain, we nevertheless celebrated with this in mind: we are blessed that our journeys are made more meaningful by a Regis education uniquely possible by the gift of others."

Posted: 5/16/22