Parents' Club Auction Sees Triumphant In-Person Return
Regians sing the Alma Mater ahead of the Live Auction. Photo courtesy of Kai-Shan Kwek-Rupp '24.

On Saturday, March 26, 575 alumni, parents, and friends gathered together at 84th St. to participate in the 2022 Regis Parents' Club Auction: Everything Is Possible. The first in-person auction since the beginning of the pandemic, the evening was one of true friendship and love of Regis, showcasing the generosity of our community in supporting our unique mission.

“It was moving to see so many in our community under one roof for the first time in two years,” said Interim President Mr. Christian Talbot ’93. “The atmosphere at 84th St. was joyous. In conversation after conversation, our parents and alumni shared their love for Regis. And to see some of our faculty and students volunteering their time to make the night a success--it all drove home for me that our Regis community is truly exceptional.”

Alongside a remarkable assortment of prizes and experiences that were up for bid, Saturday's program debuted the 2022 Auction Challenge, which for the past 13 years has helped raise money for several major projects throughout the building. This year's Challenge, Creating Classrooms for the 21st Century, will fund renovations to three classroom spaces, providing upgrades to student seating, technology, and air conditioning. The planned innovations and improvements will help modernize the Regis learning experience, and will allow us to continue our tradition of providing a transformative Jesuit education for generations to come.

While the auction has ended, there is still the opportunity to support our Auction Challenge. Every gift received brings us closer to achieving our goal of raising $180,000, and we thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Please see below to view the 2022 Auction Challenge Video, as well as a student performance of the alma mater arranged by Tom Kitt P'24. We remain grateful to everyone who helped put on a fantastic evening, as well as to all those who have contributed thus far to our Challenge. We know that Everything Is Possible with a Regis education, and we thank our entire community for helping to keep our mission alive.

Photos courtesy of Kai-Shan Kwek-Rupp '24

Posted: 3/30/22