In Appreciation of Dr. Anthony Fauci '58

As New York City, the United States, and the world anxiously follow the continuing spread of COVID-19, the Regis High School community has drawn hope and inspiration from the leading role played by Dr. Anthony Fauci ’58 in our country’s efforts to combat and contain the virus. As the longtime Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Fauci has previously guided the public health community’s efforts against AIDS, Ebola, and Zika, and he once again has answered the call in a time of crisis.

“I have heard from many Regis alumni, students, parents, and friends who, like me, are so grateful for and comforted by Dr. Fauci’s servant leadership during these turbulent times,” Regis President Rev. Daniel K. Lahart, SJ, said. “I encourage the Regis community to remember in the charity of their prayers this Regian — along with all those in the Regis family and beyond who have been impacted by this disease.”

In the past several weeks, many excellent articles about Dr. Fauci have been published by The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo News, and other outlets. A recurring theme in these pieces is the important role that Dr. Fauci’s Jesuit education at Regis and the College of the Holy Cross played in his formation.

Last May, Dr. Fauci returned to his high school alma mater, where he visited students and was interviewed by Fr. Lahart at the annual President’s Dinner. “I’m multiple, multiple decades out of Regis, and I’ve been to some seriously good institutions, and I’ve been involved in a lot of academic things,” Dr. Fauci said during the conversation. “And I can say absolutely honestly that Regis High School is the best educational period that I could ever possibly imagine having.”

You can watch the full conversation below:

Posted: 3/21/20