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1914 | 2014       The Centennial Celebration       1914 | 2014
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Regis Alma Mater
Words by John C. Ford, S.J.

Sons of Regis marching down the bright years,
Hearken to the glad old days,
Sons of Regis marching down the long years,
Let your heart be happy always.
When the night is come and mem'ries hover,
Hear the voice of other days
Bravely singing as we're marching,
Swinging thru' the captain's world wide ways.

May ours be the noble heart,
Strong to endure,
Daring 'tho' skies be dark and roadways unsure,
May ours be the heroes part
Ready to do,
We are your sons fair Regis
Our spirit is from you.
Here's our martial song,
While we march along.
Alma Mater Sheet Music
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Alma Mater Sheet Music